Sony has 8 shows and movies in the works - including Gran Turismo

Sony has 8 shows and movies in the works - including Gran Turismo

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Sony have made several deals to adapt their various IPs into other entertainment avenues. Two upcoming shows are perfect for TV, those being Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War.
The other however, is an interesting choice. As the headline implied, they are also looking at developing Gran Turismo into a movie. That’s right, the game with no narrative will be adapted into a format that strives off strong storylines and characters.
Of course, there are multiple real life inspirations a Gran Turismo movie could take, and now, we have a little more light on the project, check it out below.

As it currently stands, Sony has 4 TV shows in the works and 4 movies, but what are they exactly?

Ghost of Tsushima - riding a horse screenshot

Ghost of Tsushima (Movie)

Currently in pre-production, Ghost of Tsushima is a perfect choice for a movie adaptation. As of April, screenwriter Takashi Doscher signed on to pen the film, while John Wick director Chad Stahelski will lead the project.

Horizon Zero Dawn (Netflix)

Currently, we know very little about the Horizon Zero Dawn TV show. Reports indicate that it may be called Horizon 2074, and follow a split timeline narrative. This means that half of the show will take place before the fall of civilization and then other in the robot-filled post-post-apocalypse that we know and love.

God of War (Amazon Prime)

The God of War TV series has been rumoured for a long time, but finally we have confirmation that it exists and that Amazon Prime will be creating it.

Gran Turismo (Movie)

A lot of information has come out about the Gran Turismo movie, and it isn't as outlandish as you might imagine. To learn about the release date, director and the inspiration behind the story, read our article here.

The Last of Us (HBO)

Live action Joel and Ellie hide behind a desk

Starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, this is a retelling of Joel and Ellie’s story as they cross post-apocalyptic America. Made in partnership with Neil Druckmann, the creator and director of the game, it’s surely in good hands.
It was announced that Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson (the voice actors for Joel and Ellie in the game) will also be appearing in the show in some form. Shooting has just wrapped, so it's no doubt that we'll be seeing a trailer very soon. The Last of Us TV show releases in 2023.

Twisted Metal (Peacock)

Now reaching the end of production, the Twisted Metal TV show is picking up pace. Anthony Mackie stars as John Doe while Cobra Kai writer Michael Jonathan Smith will pen and act as showrunner. It has also been announced that Will Arnett will play Sweet Tooth in the series.
No release date has been announced just yet.

Gravity Rush (Movie)

One that will no doubt be a thrill to watch on the big screen, Gravity Rush was a unique game that has built up a cult following over the years. Thankfully it's a getting a proper movie adapatation. While not much more it known for now, it will be interesting to watch this one develop.

Days Gone (Movie)

Starring Outlander's Sam Heughan and being written by Sheldon Turner, Days Gone is an easy adaptation to imagine. Bikers in a zombie-infested world, it likely won't win any awards, but will be an excellent adventure regardless.

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