Product review: Venom Gaming Essentials Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite

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The arrival of an entirely new console SKU is always an exciting time. The launch of the Nintendo Switch Lite this September proved it yet again very recently, acting as a sleeker, cheaper and, yes, much lighter version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid platform. An updated hardware revision, however, brings with it all-new size dimensions and compatibility options to contend with, giving accessories manufacturers the chance to woo purchasers with new gear. Enter Venom with its aptly named Gaming Essentials Kit for Nintendo Switch Lite.

Taking all the pieces right out of the box, there’s not too much in Venom’s Gaming Essentials Kit primed to surprise you. Hard-shell zip case? Check. 3.5mm ear buds? Of course. Still, if you’ve just picked up a new Nintendo Switch Lite and are looking for a complete starter's package that bundles in all the basics, this very much has you covered. Included are the above trinkets already mentioned, as well as two silicone thumb grips, microfibre screen cloth and a tempered glass screen protector. The full breakdown is as follows:

  • Secure hard-shell zip case
  • Tempered Glass screen protector
  • Silicone thumb grips
  • Stereo earbuds
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth

First off, the hard-shell case. This is by far the Gaming Essentials Kit’s main attraction, nicely surrounding the Nintendo Switch Lite’s smaller size and keeping your console protected at all times. It’s been constructed using highly durable EVA, so much like the new console itself it always remains incredibly light – even when carrying it around with the console inside. The case also has a lovely rubber-like texture to it, increasing the practicality, comfort and protection all in one go.

What is a little unfortunate is how safe Venom has played it in terms of the case’s colour. We get it, standard jet black is the sensible choice if you want to appeal to most people, but a deep red or dark blue trimming around to edge its borders would have made it really pop. Inside the case the Nintendo Switch Lite sits in very comfortably, and a storage pocket in the top half is big enough to store a bunch of games as well as the cleaning cloth and earbuds bundled in.

Speaking of the earbuds, and what’s included here is just a fairly standard 3.5mm wired pair with traditional stereo output. They fit nicely in the ear and deliver decent sound quality, but nothing about them will blow your mind. Still, the fact that they’re small enough to slide in neatly within the case itself so that they’re always to hand is appreciated. More appreciated, though, is the microfibre cloth, which – as veteran Switch players will know – has become a must-have. More so than the original model before it, the Lite is first and foremost a portable console, and as such is prone to lots of dust.

Venom’s Gaming Essentials Kit also comes with a perfectly sized screen protector made of tempered glass, which will guard your screen from damage in the event that you accidentally drop your Lite, heaven forbid. Applying it is a simple case of wiping your Switch’s screen with a wet alcohol wipe, then a dry alcohol wipe and then carefully setting it in place. It would have been nice for instructions on how to do this perfectly to come provided, but ultimately, it’s nothing a short YouTube tutorial can’t educate players about.

The last and most surprising inclusion in this accessories set are the silicone thumb sticks. Again, much like the hard-shell case and microfibre cloth, both are coloured jet black. This ironically makes them stand out like a sore thumb when used with any of the three available Nintendo Switch Lite colours, but they wrap on neatly and tightly so as to never come off by accident during play. We tested out the Gaming Essentials Kit’s thumb sticks for an hour or two with Mario Kart 8 and not once did they fall off. However, it’s hard to tell whether our performance and ability improved by having them on, but it can’t hurt.

As a package, you can’t really argue that Venom has done a good job covering all the bases. This self-proclaimed ‘Gaming Essentials Kit’ for the Nintendo Switch Lite is exactly that, being a great choice of starter kit for new Lite purchasers. The bundle is made all the more impressive when you consider that it was released so soon after the new console’s release. The earbuds might be basic, yes, and this won’t suit players looking for a bit more style when travelling with their Switch Lite, but the inclusion of silicone thumb grips is a nice bonus and it’s a package that’s extremely good value for money.

Here’s hoping that Venom continues supporting the new iteration of Nintendo’s much-beloved hybrid platform, because the Gaming Essentials Kit is a great start!

Rating: 4/5

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