PS5 Slim COD Modern Warfare 3 bundle has leaked as it's spotted on shelves

PS5 Slim COD Modern Warfare 3 bundle has leaked as it's spotted on shelves

Whilst it was pretty apparent we would be getting a new bundle for the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, most of us expected it to be the standard model and that it would probably be the final bundle in that form factor. However, due to images circulating X (Twitter), it looks like this new bundle will actually be a PS5 Slim bundle as can clearly be seen on the box art. Sony had already announced a November release date for their new PS5 Slim Digital and physical models so with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 dropping on the 10th of November 2023 this bundle makes a lot of sense. There's been nothing official on this yet so take it all with a pinch of salt, all of these leaks have also taken place in the US so it could also be a US-exclusive bundle but I very much doubt that for a game with such worldwide popularity. 

How much will the new PS5 Slim Call of Duty Modern Warfare cost?

Right now we've only seen the disc version of the PS5 Slim for this bundle in the leaks so we're unsure if there is also going to be a PS5 Slim digital counterpart with a digital copy of COD. When it comes to pricing the new Slim models are not having a price increase in the UK (Digital has been increased in the US by $50) so the disc edition will be £479.99 and the Digital will be £389.99. This means we'd expect this PS5 Slim Disc bundle to be in the region of £539.99 if bundles of the past are to go off. 

Where can you pre-order the new PS5 Slim bundle?

We'd expect this bundle to show up at PlayStation Direct as well as other UK retailers like Currys, GAME and Very. Our dedicated PS5 deals page will be sure to have all the pre-order deals as soon as they're live for the PS5 Slim which shouldn't be too far away now.

PS5 Slim, what you need to know

  • PS5 Slim has a 1TB drive as standard (the old model was 825GB)
  • You can buy a separate disc tray which can be attached to the new PS5 Digital
  • Far smaller form factor with a reduced volume of ~30% from the old model
  • RRP hasn't changed in the UK £389.99 Digital & £449.99 Disc
  • November release date. The exact date has not been announced but if this bundle is real we're expecting it on the 10th of November.

Are you going to pick up a PS5 Slim? Let us know in the comments if you're excited about the next PS5 model.

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