Where to get the best PS4 trade in prices

Where to get the best PS4 trade in prices

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So the PlayStation 5 has now launched in the UK and you’ve decided to trade in your precious PS4. It’s served you well, offering up great exclusive titles like God of War Marvel's Spider-Man and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, but the time has come for you to gift it to somebody new – likely because you want to make the jump up to the next generation of consoles. Luckily, now is a great time to trade in your PS4 and receive the most value because of this. Plenty of players are still hungry for a PS4 and we’re here to help you pass it on.

Whatever your reason for trading in a PS4, you’ll obviously want to do so while receiving the best price or rate possible. Thankfully you'll be pleased to know that there are multiple retailers willing to accept your well-loved PS4 – either offering you in-store credit or cash in return – and we at Gaming Deals are here to highlight the benefits of all the major players.

Music Magpie PS4 trade-in price

Currently the best PS4 trade-in rates can be found at Music Magpie who prides itself on being “the fast, free and easy way to sell your PS4”. All you have to do to trade your PS4 console in with Music Magpie is register your details (follow the link below), pack it up in a box (not necessarily in its original packaging), and ship it to them using the details provided after you’ve registered. You’ll get an instant price for the PS4 when you fill out the details online, and all being well you’ll receive payment the day after it’s received by Music Magpie either via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque.

Selling any equipment to Music Magpie is highly rated, with rave reviews across the web, so you shouldn’t have any concerns using this service. Just make sure you use a reliable courier like Royal Mail to get the console to Music Magpie in a fit state.

Here’s a breakdown of the rough price you can get for each PS4 variant at Music Magpie. However, bear in mind that the level of quality will affect it. Please note that by registering your details via the link below, you’re free to change your mind and won’t be charged a penny if you don’t go ahead and send your console to Music Magpie.

At the time of updating this guide:

PS4 Original - Min £110

PS4 Slim- £95 to £105 (depending on storage capacity)

PS4 Pro 1TB- £125

Check today's trade-in price at Music Magpie

How much are second-hand PS4 consoles from Music Magpie?

Any skilled negotiator will tell you, the art to success is knowing the market, so before you consider trading-in your PS4 to Music Magpie, take a note of its pre-owned PS4 console prices. Below are the cheapest deals today as found on the Music Magpie website, for the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro.

GAME PS4 trade-in price

As the UK’s biggest games retailer, GAME is one that’d be more than happy to accept your used PS4. Whereas at one time you would have needed to bring the console physically into a store, GAME now allow you to simply type whatever it is you want to trade in into their online search bar, pack it up and then send it to them directly. Selling your PS4 in store is still an option, but the online process saves you travel and won’t accrue you any cost.

Here’s a breakdown of the rough price you can get for each PS4 variant at GAME. However, bear in mind that the level of quality will affect it.

At the time of updating this guide:

  • PS4 Slim 500GB - £96
  • PS4 Slim 1TB - £104
  • PS4 Pro 1TB - £148

Check today's trade-in price at GAME

How much are second-hand PS4 consoles at GAME?

Before you consider selling your PS4 console to GAME, you should gain an insight into how much markup GAME adds to second-hand PS4 consoles that they purchase from gamers. We've checked GAME's current stock and below we've listed its cheapest refurbished PS4 consoles, for both the slim and pro model. Knowing this may help you negotiate a better trade-in price for your PS4 console.

CEX PS4 trade-in price

CEX is another popular UK retailer that makes it easy to trade in your PS4 for a good price. You can visit them in-store for them to assess your unit, but much like Music Magpie and GAME they offer the means to do it online where they trade as webuy.com. You’ll first need to create an account and input the information online, before getting to work printing off the shipping label and sending it to them via Royal Mail Freepost.

It's a popular choice for a lot of people due to them solely concentrating on pre-owned and refurbished goods, much like Music Magpie. Of course, the one major advantage CEX have over Music magpie, however, is that they have a physical retail presence which can be useful for customers wanting to assess the quality of their PS4 unit before trading it in or purchasing a new one.

Here’s a breakdown of the rough price you can get for every type of standard black PS4 at CEX. However, bear in mind that the level of quality will affect it.

At the time of updating this guide:

  • PS4 Slim 500GB - £84
  • PS4 Slim 1TB - £98
  • PS4 Pro 1TB - £129

Visit CEX

Getting your PS4 ready for trade-in

As obvious as it may seem, for any retailer to accept your used PS4 for trade-in you have to ensure that it is in full working order. At the very minimum it needs to be functional. There’s no use in bringing in only to be told point blank that your PS4 is not in a resaleable condition. Issues like broken Wi-Fi, exterior scratches and faulty optical drives aren’t deal-breakers by any stretch (though they will affect price). But if the console can’t play games or complete basic tasks, you’re unlikely to recoup any worthwhile value.

You’ll also want to wipe the PS4 system of all data. This is easily done by going to PS4’s Settings option and following the appropriate processes. If you fail to do this, you run the risk of giving whomever picks up your PS4 next access to your personal details. Any retailer worth its weight should do this for you – but better to be safe than sorry.  Once your console is clean and ready to go, find its original box and accessories if you can as in most places this can raise your trade-in’s value.

PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro: All the trade-in differences

One thing you’ll notice that it's not only the type of PlayStation 4 console that dictates price point, but model, as well as quality level, too. All these different factors combine to directly affect your console’s trade-in value. That’s why it’s important when trading in your PS4 using an online storefront to ensure that the information you’re putting in is accurate. Otherwise it’s only a matter of time before whoever is assessing it at the other end of the delivery gives you one of two options: change the price or have it sent back to you.

Whatever you do when trading in your PS4, be sure to check what price each different retailer offers before committing to selling so you can guarantee you’ll get the best possible deal. Following that, you’re all set for your next console upgrade – whether it’s for the incoming PS5 or another PS4 type.

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