Nintendo has a revealed a new Switch Lite colour, Coral, set for release March 20th

Despite some people’s initial worries, the Nintendo Switch Lite has been a rampant success for the House of Mario, helping the hybrid console skate across 52 million sales worldwide fairly easily. Up until now, however, the sleeker, lighter and more affordable rendition of the Nintendo Switch Lite has only been available in three standard colours – Yellow, Blue and Grey – but this morning a new colour has been revealed: Coral.

Confirmation of this new Nintendo Switch Lite colour comes by way of a page published over on the official Japanese Nintendo website, where it’s shown to be a deep shade of pink, otherwise known as Coral. It joins a whole slew of Nintendo releases set to launch on March 20th, with the new Coral Switch Lite arriving alongside the special-edition Animal Crossing variant of the standard Switch model as well as Animal Crossing: New Horizons itself. Needless to say, March 20th is a big day for Nintendo fans.

While there’s currently no way for gamers in the UK to pre-order or purchase the Coral Nintendo Switch Lite yet, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as retailers start to list it. The typical RRP for the Lite has stayed around £199.99, so we expect it to be the same for the Coral edition. Is this a colour that appeals to you? Coral wasn't a shade we were crying out for, but it certainly grabs the eye.

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