Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition Console

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Edition Console

Compare prices on the Animal Crossing edition of the Nintendo Switch, which comes with a limited edition console design and a digital download copy for the game itself!

A special Nintendo Switch console aesthetic ideal for Animal Crossing fans

It’s rare these days for Nintendo to roll out the red carpet with a revised Switch console design, but that’s exactly what fans will be treated to on March 20th in honour of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release. Featuring a beautiful pastel colour palette, everything from the backplate, Joy-Cons and even the dock itself boasts an aesthetic and design inspired directly by the cutesy animal-sim series.

Relaxing colours combine with recognisable characters

Almost every element of the Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch has been touched by traits pulled straight from the franchise. The back of the console itself, for instance, features symbolic patterns all over it, while the blue and green Joy-Con controllers are white on the back with coloured straps – reminiscent of the new game’s beach-side feel. Then, the Switch dock itself has been shaded a Cream-ish white, adorned with iconic Animal Crossing characters like Tom Nook.

A Nintendo Switch bundle – with the game included!

While it might seem crazy to release a special edition bundle centred around a specific game and not include the game itself, Nintendo has a rocky history in doing so. For example, the limited-edition Nintendo Switch Lite themed around Pokémon Sword and Shield famously didn’t come with the game. However, this Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch does include a digital copy of New Horizons that is easily redeemed on the Nintendo eShop.

How can I buy the console?

Now almost a year since launch, it's little surprise that stock of this special version of the console is dwindling. However, there is still a bit of stock out there. Below you can see the full list of the retailers who've had the console and who has stock left, but here's where it's still available.

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