Surprise! New official FIFA 23 PS5 Bundles are available!

Surprise! New official FIFA 23 PS5 Bundles are available!

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A new PS5 Bundle? Yes that's right although there have not been many bundles for Sony's new flagship console the latest FIFA game is definitely reason enough for them to push one out. Keep in mind this is not a limited edition console and does not have any design changes from the standalone consoles you can buy however, does come with some FIFA 23 related goodies and may be the way to go if you're still after a next-gen console and you're a big fan of the FIFA franchise. 

These new bundles are following the same ilk as the Horizon Forbidden West bundle which was offered with both the PS5 standard edition and the PS5 digital edition which will be a relief for those of you who would prefer the PS5 Digital as it is a tough console to come by. 

So far we've spotted the new consoles in the UK from retailer GAME, AO, Smyths and ShopTo so far with the FIFA 23 PS5 Digital bundles being priced at £449.99 and the FIFA 23 PS5 standard edition bundle priced at £539.99. This means since the console had a price increase to £389.99 for the Digital Edition and £479.99 for the PS5 Standard you're getting the PS5 version of FIFA 23 and some Ultimate Team goodies for around £60 considering the game is retailing at around £69.99 in most stores this isn't too bad a deal. However, this is the original hardware version not the new updated model which we would expect from the increased price tag. The consoles are available for pre-order set to be released alongside FIFA 23 on September 30th.

The bundles contain:

  • PS5 console (Digital or Disc edition dependant on bundle)
  • White DualSense Controller
  • FIFA 23 Download Code
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Voucher

We're unsure yet what the exact Ultimate Team extras are going to be from the voucher but we will update this article as soon as we know.

So are you interested in picking up this new surprise bundle from Sony? It's good to see some new official bundles coming and we hope to see more with the release of God of War Ragnarok later in the year. Be sure to check out our PS5 Bundles and PS5 Digital Bundles comparison pages where we will compare the lowest prices and stock on this bundle and all other PS5 deals. We will also be updating as we see more retailers picking up this new FIFA 23 PS5 Bundle.

Compare deals

Compare deals

PS5 Digital Edition: FIFA 23

PlayStation 5 Digital Console: FIFA 23 Edition bundled with

  • FIFA 23

  • FIFA 23 Full Game Voucher
  • FIFA 23 Ultimate Team Voucher
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