May’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

May’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

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Ready for more freebies? If you’re a subscriber to PlayStation Plus, Games with Gold or possibly both, you have plenty to look forward to. May 2021 has a handful of treats in store for players on both platforms, particularly if you’re seeking a variety of games that span all art styles and genres. It might be time to renew your membership if it’s set to expire very soon, because you won’t want to miss out on next month’s selection of Games with Gold and PS Plus titles.

Games with Gold for May 2021

We wouldn’t say that Xbox is rolling out the red carpet with regards to May’s Games with Gold picks, but there’s likely something here that you previously missed out on or wouldn’t be willing to pay full price for. It all begins on the 1st May, where both Armello (Xbox One) and LEGO Batman: The Video Game (Xbox 360) are free to download. The latter is a great get for Xbox owners with younger players in the house. Then, two weeks later on May 16th, it’s all about overseeing as you play Dungeon Master in the appropriately titled Dungeons 3 (Xbox One) or govern an island paradise in Tropical 4 (Xbox 360). There’s lots to check out!

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in May:

Armello: Tabletop RPG fans will find Armello to be a fun and fascinating interactive version of their favourite pastime. Set in a high fantasy world full of anthropomorphic creatures, the entire adventure plays out almost as a turn-based board game. This is your primary way of performing important actions, such as attacks during epic battles, spell casting and more. Up to four players can enjoy the dark fairytale Armello presents. Look forward to doing so on Xbox this May 1st.

Dungeons 3: The fantasy stylings continue later on in the month for Games with Gold members on Xbox when Dungeons 3 becomes available. Here you’ll assist your master the Dungeon Lord in his conquest to take over the realm, making real-time strategy decisions and placing down fiendish troops to stop the heroic forces in their tracks. It’s often said that bad guys get to have all the fun, and the third Dungeons instalment proves this yet again. May 16th is when you can jump in!

LEGO Batman: The Video Game: The very first LEGO game to centre on DC’s infamous dark knight is still worthy of praise, telling an original comic book tale written specifically for this game. You’ll bash and box your way through various block-based levels, taking on popular villains like The Joker, Harley Quinn and more in the effort to save Gotham. Up to two players can play in glorious local co-op, equipping different costumes for different uses. Play together on from May 1st onwards.

Tropico 4: Prepare to lose endless hours of your life when loading up Tropico 4 for the first as it hits Games with Gold on May 14th. You play as El Presidente, ruling a small island nation while trying to gain the support of your followers by implementing strong leadership. Tropico 4 is a major test in balance, as you try to lead in a way that benefits everyone while trying to tackle political challenges.

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PlayStation Plus games for May 2021

PlayStation Plus subscribers sadly won’t receive a bonus game for the month of May, but remember all players on PS4 and PS5 can get Horizon: Zero Dawn for free until the 15th. However, if you are a member, next month looks to be incredibly solid. Wreckfest is a chaotically competitive derby racer primed to unleash carnage on PS5. Players on PS4, meanwhile, can engage in a cinematic FPS campaign or thrilling multiplayer mode in Battlefield V, while Stranded Deep is primed to test your water-based survival skills. All three games become available on May 4th.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every PlayStation Plus title in May:

Wreckfest (PS5): Whereas most driving games focus purely on learning the tracks in a bid to rank first, Wreckfest is what’s called a ‘full-contact’ racer. Coming from the creator of FlatOut, you’ll get behind the wheel of several derby cars with toughened armour while engaging in epic crashes and epic head-to-head scraps. Up to 24 players can duke it out together online, bumping and screeching across several circuits in this chaotic racing game. It’s only available to PS Plus subscribers on PlayStation 5.

Battlefield V (PS4): Battlefield V sees Dice’s epic first-person shooter series return to the trenches of WWII, letting players engage enemies and overcome adversity in both single-player and multiplayer. The first presents itself in several cinematic vignettes, acting as short stories that each show a different side to the war. Battlefield’s incredibly destructive environments also return in the various online modes, where you play as different classes who must work together to overcome the other team. Seeking a solid FPS to play in 2021? Look no further.

Stranded Deep (PS4): Lost at sea with nothing but your wits and certain island materials to help you, Stranded Deep is the ultimate first-person survival simulator. All hope is not lost, however, as you can craft lift rafts, helicopters, weapons and tools useful to escape. It’ll involve braving the treacherous seas, true, but it may all be worth it if you’re able to find your way back home. Luckily, as a PS4 game being stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean is a lot of fun. Find out on May 4th when it’s made downloadable for PS Plus members.

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