June’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

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Winding down towards the end of the month means that it’s that exciting time again. The time when PS Plus and Xbox Gold subscribers everywhere find out what FREE games they’ll be gifted to play as part of their membership. And June doesn’t look to disappoint. This is one of the broadest mix of games we’ve seen in quite a while, ensuring that they’ll be something for all kinds of PS4 and Xbox One player. What will you be playing in June? Let’s take a look:

Games with Gold for June 2020

June’s selection of Games with Gold titles are an eclectic bunch, featuring games from all three generations of Xbox console. It all starts with a bang on June 1st (this coming Monday), when WayForward’s utterly excellent Shantai and the Pirate’s Curse becomes available to play. That very same day Xbox One players can also jump into the original version of Destroy all Humans! too, ahead of the remaster’s release later this year. Then, on June 16th, Coffee Talk and Sine Mora both become available to download.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold game coming in June:

Shantai and the Pirate’s Curse: The third game in WayForward’s beloved metroidvania series, Shantai and the Pirate’s Curse first released on the 3DS, but arrived remastered for the Xbox One way back in 2016. You play as the eponymous hero using your hair to attack enemies, obtaining unique pirate items that bestow you with further skills that makes exploring levels a ruddy good time. It looks gorgeous and plays great – play it on June 1st.

Destroy all Humans!: If you’re an Xbox One player eager to play the ground-up remake later this year, why not refamiliarize yourself with what to expect with the original Destroy all Humans! It’s a dedicated sandbox games that sees you cause havoc in a ‘50s town as rogue alien Crypto. Some of the gameplay elements may show their age now, but decimating citizens either at ground level or from your saucer is still a blast. Destroy all Humans! is playable on June 1st.

Coffee Talk: Listening to people’s problems might not seem like that good of a mechanic, but it’s something that Coffee Talk (which released only this year) pulls off effortlessly. Described by the developer as a “coffee brewing and heart-to-heart talking simulator”, you’ll play as a barista required to rustle up drinks for customers while doubling up as an agony aunt. Coffee Talk lands on Games with Gold on June 16th.

Sine Mora: An old-school style shoot-em-up that first released back in 2012, the top-down fast-paced action of Sine Mora has proved so popular that it remains a fan-favourite. Set in a diesel punk world full of anthropomorphic characters, you’ll control an airplane tasked with shooting down waves and waves of enemies. The game is also notable for featuring incredibly well-designed boss battles. Play Sine Mora through Games with Gold on June 16th.

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PS Plus games for June 2020

Sony handled things very differently with this month’s PS Plus games, not announcing two games together (as is the standard) but one at a time. The first was Call of Duty: WWII, which was actually made available to subscribers ahead of time on May 26th – though technically it’s part of June’s PS Plus batch. Then it finally got announced that Star Wars Battlefront II will be the second game alongside it. Battlefront II will arrive on the service to subscribers from June 2nd.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every PS Plus game coming in June:

Call of Duty: WWII: returning the series to its traditional, boots-on-the-ground gameplay of prior entries, Call of Duty: WWII does away with the futurism to instead take players back to World War II. The result is one of the most realistic portrayals of 1945 warfare ever presented in a game, whether it’s in the cinematic campaign following a small squad of American troops or the robust multiplayer. Play Call of Duty: WWII now with PlayStation Plus.

Star Wars Battlefront II: PS Plus’ second game for June will be the second rebooted entry into the Star Wars Battlefront series. Bigger, better and more ambitious than the first game, Battlefront II lets you fight across all eras of the Star Wars movies, letting you relive classic battles and skirmishes as the appropriate dark and light-side forces. It even features a short campaign mode this time around. Battlefront II will be playable on PS Plus from June 2nd.

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