July’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

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Congratulations! You’ve officially made it through to the end of the month, which means if you’re a Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus subscriber there’ll soon be a heap of FREE games to download. The month of July brings with it an extremely eclectic mix on both platforms, meaning that there’s sure to be something to play regardless of your taste of genre preferences. Which of these beauties will you be playing in July? Let’s get into it…

Games with Gold for July 2020

As is always the case with the games with gold selection, Xbox One players can look forward to playing two modern titles and two games from previous Xbox generations. It all kicks off from July 1st (Wednesday), when you can speed your way to the track via WRC 8 FIA World Ralley Championship on Xbox One. Also arriving that day is Saints Row 2, which is an xbox 360 title that is backwards compatible on Xbox One. Finally, the remaining two Games with Gold releases become available from July 16th, being Dunk Lords (Xbox One) and Juji (Xbox One + Xbox 360).

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold game coming in July:

WRC 8 FIA World Ralley Championship: Pitched as one of the most realistic racing championship titles out there, WRC 8 FIA World Ralley Championship only release last year to critical acclaim. A lot of this is due to the game’s incredibly dynamic weather system, which mixes with true-life driving physics to totally engross you in the driver’s seat. Featuring 14 rallies to beat and over 100 stages to do it on, WRC 8 is sure to satisfy any petrolhead player when it lands on Games with Gold from July 1st.

Saints Row 2: 2020 would appear to be the year of Saints Row, as the much-beloved third game recent received a remaster and now its predecessor is coming to Xbox Games with Gold. Originally a 360, Saints Row 2 represents one of the best open world games from this era, letting you loose on the city of Stillwater as part of the eponymous Saints working your way to the top. This you do while gaining respect, jacking cars and completing various blockbuster set pieces. Saints Row arrives on July 15th.

Dunk Lords: Looking for a zanier take on basketball now that you’ve finished bingeing Netflix’s The Last Dance? Dunk Lords couldn’t have arrived at a better time, being an indie time that sees basketball and beat ’em up mechanics collide. Two teams of two go head-to-head utilising special moved to dominate the court. With a wide range of characters and hazard-filled stadiums, don’t deny yourself the madcap experience Dunk Lords provides when it comes to Games with Gold from July 16h.

Juju: Juji is a colourful 2D platformer developed in the spirit of classic titles like Super Mario and Kirby, only now this cutesy charm can be played on an Xbox One. Available to Games with Gold subscribers from July 16th, you’ll play as the titular panda Juji who must embark on a mission to saver his father alongside his trusty companion Peyo. Featuring intense boss fights, a plethora of secrets and two-player co-op, it’s an adventure best experienced with a friend.

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PS Plus Games for July 2020

PlayStation aren’t playing around when it comes to July’s PS Plus lineup, featuring a whopping three free games for people to download as opposed to the traditional two. Better yet, all three are some great gets worth checking out, whether it’s the rope-swinging aspects of Rise of the Tomb Raider, FMV adventure game Erica or one of the best basketball games around in NBA 2K20. All three mightn’t be available until July 7th, but hopefully you’ll agree they’re worth the wait.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every PS Plus coming in July:

Rise of the Tomb Raider: The second entry into Lara Croft’s rebooted adventure trilogy from Crystal Dynamics, Rise of the Tomb Raider sees the famous archaeologist travel to Siberia in search of a forgotten city. It isn’t too long, however, until she once again brushes up against the shady organisation Trinity, in turn leading her to take the fight back to them. Rise of the Tomb Raider is simply one of the best third-person action-adventure games of recent years, seeing you plunder, upgrade and explore an incredibly detailed setting. Experience it for yourself on July 7th.

NBA 2K20: Basketball simulation has never been better than in NBA 2K20, which features updated teams, courts and an all-new campaign mode to make rising up through the ranks fun and immersive. This was the entry that allowed players to hone their skills more realistically as possible, featuring an upgraded motion engine and a new dribble size-up system so you can accurately play as intended. Take to the court from July 7th.

Erica: Unlike most games that feature fully rendered characters and visuals totally made in an engine, Erica harkens back to a simpler age of video games that sees everything played out by actors in live action. You’ll play as Erica in a feature length cinematic experience, making choices that influence the story and will see it veer off into different directions. This also lends Erica to have an inherent replayability thanks to its multiple endings, meaning it’s perfect for bingeing.

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