Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Official Bundle has been announced and is available for preorder

Final Fantasy XVI PS5 Official Bundle has been announced and is available for preorder

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If you've been holding off on purchasing a PS5 until the release of Final Fantasy XVI then Sony's latest official bundle may get you to pull the trigger. Final Fantasy XVI is set to release on June 22nd and to celebrate Sony is releasing a new bundle with the game included.

This is the first official PS5 bundle of 2023 with the last being the God of War Ragnarok bundle that was released in November 2022. This Final Fantasy XVI bundle is very similar, there's no limited edition console and it seems that those are most certainly a thing of the past for Sony right now. Whilst there has been some leaks around a Final Fantasy XVI themed PS5 console cover and DualSense controller it is believed these are Japanese exclusives which would be a real shame. Hopefully Sony, do bring these to other regions.

Just like God of War Ragnarok, Final Fantasy XVI is set to be a system seller, and the new region of Valisthea looks to be rooting itself in a darker tone with the game's directors claiming to be inspired by HBO's Game of Thrones. This immersive RPG title is looking to take advantage of the full power of the PS5 platform with gorgeous visuals, new real-time action combat and hopefully, a narrative worthy of its progenitors to tie it all together. Final Fantasy XVI is a timed PS5 exclusive with a likely PC release date later down the line, but if you want to get in day one a PS5 is your best bet. Currently, there is only a PS5 Disc Edition PS5 bundle, we're unsure if there's going to be a PS5 digital bundle.

What's included in the PS5 Final Fantasy XVI bundle?

  • PS5 Console
  • DualSense Wireless Controller
  • Base/Stand
  • HDMI 2.1 Cable
  • Power Cable
  • USB Charging Cable for Controller
  • Printed materials
  • Final Fantasy XVI (Digital Game Voucher)
  • In-game digital content
    • "Braveheart Weapon"
    • Gil-boost Accessory "Cait Sith Charm"
    • Exp-boost Accessory "Scholar's Spectacles"

Final Fantasy XVI pre-order Bonus

Is the PS5 bundle a good deal?

So when we look at the value of this PS5 bundle is it actually worth picking up? When you take into account the RRP of the PS5 console being £479.99 and Final Fantasy XVI RRP being £69.99 the total cost of buying separately would be £539.98. The RRP of this bundle is £539.99 so really you're not getting that great a deal. If you check our Final Fantasy XVI price comparison you can get the game on PS5 for far below RRP and on our PS5 Disc Edition deals page you can also get the PS5 console below RRP (£469.00 from BT Shop). So if you're looking for value this official bundle may not be the way to go.

Below we've put the current pre-order deals for the Final Fantasy XVI bundle. Let us know if you're keen on picking up this new PS5 bundle or if you're just looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XVI.

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