Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.2 Letter from the Producer Live LXXI roundup - All the announcements

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.2 Letter from the Producer Live LXXI roundup - All the announcements

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Final Fantasy XIV’s latest Letter from the Producer Live (number 71!) has just wrapped up on the 1st July 2022. For the quickest breakdown of the biggest news, check out our roundup below.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 name and release window announced:

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 has been given the name Buried Memory, and is coming in late August 2022. (Finally!)
Buried Memory could allude to multiple plot aspects, but I’ll leave you to speculate.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 - New Dungeon and Trials:

Of course, there will be new main scenario quests, and of course, we were told next-to-nothing about what to expect story-wise. However, we did learn that the next dungeon will be called The Fell Court of Troia and looks a little something like this:

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Dungeon Screenshot

To avoid spoilers, I won’t theorise about where that is or why we may be tearing through it, but it seems pretty evident that dark forces await us.
The new trial is also shrouded in mystery, but will be launching straight away with an extreme version, so if you’re done fighting Endsinger again and again, you’ll soon have a new boss to wipe to.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 - New Sidequests

Tataru’s Grand Endeavor continues

Beginning just recently, Tataru’s Grand Endeavor set us on a path to help the cunning craftswoman create her own consortium. Learn how to unlock the quest line in preparation for Patch 6.2 here.

Somehow Even Further Adventures of Hildebrand continues + relic weapons? (6.25)

Not only does this dramatic detective have more issues for us to solve, but also may be starting off Endwalker’s Relic Weapon questline. Announced on the Live Letter, by continuing the Hildebrand quests, we will be able to unlock and further enhance legendary Manderville weapons. Whether these end up being Endwalker’s relic weapons or something else entirely is yet to be seen, but anything goes for the wild and wonderful Hildebrand quests, which return in Patch 6.25.

New Tribal Quests (6.25) - The Omicrons

The next Tribal Quests coming to Final Fantasy XIV will be that of the Omicrons, a race of robotic people that live on the very edge of the galaxy. Unlike the recently released Arkasodara quests, the Omicrons will provide crafting-based quests. Set in what looks to be a restaurant-type environment, the quest will no doubt have you fixing it up for one reason or another.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 - New Endgame Content

New Raid: Pandaemonium: Abyssos

Continuing the Pandaemonium raids is the next set of fights known as Abyssos. Little else is known now outside of the name of the raid set. However, interestingly, the development team have decided to hold back the release of Abyssos (Savage) for a week after the release of patch 6.2. This allows players to go through the new content of the patch at their own pace for a week before worrying about taking on the newest set of hardcore fights.

New Unreal Trial: Containment Bay S1T7 - Sephirot

Originally released in Final Fantasy XIV’s second expansion Heavensward, Sephirot is a multi-armed beast that gave players hell when he was fresh. Fortunately for those that missed it, he’s been buffed up to level 90 and will hopefully provide a similar challenge to players that wish to take him on as he was intended.

Variant Dungeons: New challenges for 4-player parties
Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Variant Dungeon Screenshot

A completely new type of challenge, Variant Dungeons are challenges you can take on by yourself or with up to 3 other people. The difficulty changes based on how many players you have, so the challenge should be consistent whether you’re braving it alone, or with three allies. Your jobs can be changed once inside the dungeon, and apparently your actions change the available routes of the dungeon as well as the outcome of the story.

The first Variant Dungeon will be called The Sil’dihn Subterrane, and it comes in three difficulty modes.

First is the normal mode, which is meant to be a fun, casual experience to explore the story the dungeon presents. 

The next is called ‘Another Path: Criterion Dungeons’ and must be played with a 4 player party. Role restrictions are in place, so you must have 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS. The route of this dungeon is predetermined and is a tricky challenge for four players that want higher-end content. Unlike the normal mode, in Another Path, you will have limited revives to bring back downed teammates. However, if your party does fully wipe, slain enemies will not return.

This is important to note, because in ‘Another Path: Criterion Dungeons (Savage)’ it is impossible to revive fallen teammates. Monsters hit harder, and if you do all fall, any slain monsters will return. However, it gets worse. Should you take too long to slay monsters, they will get stronger, making clearing the dungeon even harder. People wanted hard 4-player content, and it looks like Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 is delivering!

Final Fantasy XIV 6.2 - Island Sanctuary announcements

It looks as if Patch 6.2 is when we will finally get to explore the Island Sanctuary content announced well before Endwalker released. 
This island sanctuary will be your own personal space where you can gather materials, customise your base, capture, train and work with creatures, grow crops and more. You can invite friends to visit your island, and you can, of course, visit theirs. 
The main gameplay loop will be gathering and crafting items needed by NPCs in order to get island currency, which in turn, can then be exchanged for rewards. 
Interestingly, you won’t be able to fly on your island. Mount travel is okay, but you’re restricted to the ground as you explore. However, they did mention that your mount will travel faster than usual on the island, so there’s that.
More will be shown of the Island Sanctuary during the next Letter from the Producer Live. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.2 - Other announcements:

Single player Duty Support is being added for the following dungeons:

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 Duty Support Screenshot

  • Snowcloak

  • The Keeper of the Lake
  • Sohm Al
  • The Aery
  • The Vault

It was also announced that The Steps of Faith will become a solo fight.

Thornmarch is also being recreated from scratch. While you still need to do it with 7 other players, it has been fleshed out with new mechanics to potentially help the old fight feel fresh and new.

Rival Wings returns:

A favourite PVP mode, Rival Wings is coming back in 6.2. This MOBA-esque game mode sees you pilot mechs to destroy your enemies. It has been down for balancing for quite some time, so hopefully the problems with the mode have been fixed by the time it re-launches in Patch 6.2.

Adventurer portraits updated:

The new adventurer portrait feature is being updated. Unfortunately, because of this, all portraits will be reset as of Patch 6.2. However, one of its coolest new features is the ability to set a portrait based upon your gear sets. Meaning whenever you swap to a new gear set, you can have your portrait change to reflect that. Of course, along with this update, new poses and decorative features have been added to help you create the perfect portrait.

Request gear repairs:

A feature that a lot of players have wanted for a while is the ability to repair each other’s gear. Fortunately, as of Patch 6.2, this will now be possible. If you forgot to repair your gear before a raid and are lacking the crafting skills or materials to do it yourself, you can now get a helpful party member to fix it for you.

Glamour Dresser expansion:

The biggest news for a lot of fashion-centric players, the Glamour Dresser is being expanded. As of writing, you can only store 400 items in your dresser, however, when 6.2 comes out next month, that will be doubled! I know it will take players very little time to fill out those 800 slots, but it’s unlikely it’ll be expanded again beyond this point, so pace yourself.

That wraps up the 71st Letter from the Producer Live. There will be a part two to this that shows off some gameplay of today’s announced features.

It won’t be long until Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.2 is released, so you'd better start getting your new 400 pieces of gear ready, so you can fill your dresser up day 1! 

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