Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15 - How to unlock new features

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 6.15 - How to unlock new features

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Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 6.15 brings some new additions for players who need a break from wiping to Dragon King Thordan.

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How to unlock the Arkasodara Beast Tribe Quests:

How to unlock The Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures:

How to unlock Ameliance Custom Deliveries:

How to unlock Tataru's Grand Endeavor:

How to unlock Omega: Beyond the Rift:

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.15 - How to unlock new features:

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.15 - Araksodara Tribal Quest screenshot

How to unlock the Arkasodara Beast Tribe Quests:

The newest Beast Tribe quests - which are now to be known as ‘Tribal Quests’ due to the changing culture across Etheirys, allow you to work with the Arkasodara to rebuild a settlement in Thavnair. The Arkasodara are elephant-like people that you work with closely during the events of Endwalker
Each day you will be able to complete three randomly selected quests and gain XP for your combat jobs and increase your reputation with the Arkasodara. Once you hit a reputation threshold, the Arkasodara will think more highly of you and you will unlock new quests and rewards. By finishing their quests, you'll eventually be able to unlock a new hippo carriage mount, which you can see in action below:

To unlock the Arkasodara Tribal Quests, you will have to complete the quest ‘A Budding Adventure’. After that, you can find the quest 'Hippos Born to Run' from Kancana in Thavnair (X:25.3, Y:31.2).

To gain access to 'A Budding Adventure' you must complete the following prerequisite quests:

Ogul Questline:

Steppe Child (Aether Current Quest): Ogul: Thavnair (X:25.6, Y:36.1)

Tha Matanga Along the Way: Kancana: Thavnair (X:25.4, Y:31.2)

Ogul Repays Her Favors: Ogul: Thavnair (X:19, Y:33.8)

The Yedlihmad Hunt: Ogul: Thavnair (X:25.4, Y:31.3)

Yezahn Questline:

What's in a Parent: Yezahn: Thavnair (X:29.2, Y:15.3)

Curing What Ails: Yezahn: Thavnair (X:29.6, Y:17.2)

The Sins We Bear: Sula: Thavnair (X:29.6, Y:17.2)

Societal Alchemy: Yezahn: Thavnair (X:29.7, Y:16.2)

A Budding Adventure:

Once the above 8 quests are complete, return to Yezahn in Thavnair (X29.6, Y17.2) to unlock A Budding Aventure, which merges the two stories together.

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.15 - Hildibrand screenshot

How to unlock The Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures:

The Hildibrand Manderville quests are a set of over-the-top comical stories which follow the titular eccentric Investigator Extraordinaire. There hasn’t been a new addition to this quest line since Stromblood’s Patch 4.56 (which was over 3 years ago!) However, fans' cries have been heard, and in Patch 6.15 we’re being blessed once again by the Gentleman Hildibrand himself.

To unlock the new Hilibrand storyline in Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.15, you must have completed all the Hildibrand quests up to Stormblood’s ‘Don't Do the Dewprism’. After that, you can find an Excitable Youth in Radz-at-Han (X:11.8, Y:11.2) to unlock 'The Sleeping Gentleman' quest and begin the new Hildibrand adventure.

Final Fantasy XIV: Patch 6.15 - Ameliance screenshot

How to unlock Ameliance Custom Deliveries:

Crafters don’t despair, you’ve got content in Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.15 as well! Mother of the infamous twins Alphinaud and Alisaie; Ameliance is looking for crafters to help start off her new venture. Like the Tribal Quests, each day you can complete a certain amount of crafting tasks for Ameliance and increase your reputation with her. Custom Deliveries are an excellent way to get Crafters Scrips which can be traded in for great crafting gear and materials. It’s also great crafting XP if you want another solid way to get those jobs to level 90.

To unlock the Ameliance Custom Delivieries, you must first complete the main scenario for Endwalker, and the level 60 crafter's quest 'Go West Craftsman' in Mor Dhona (X:22, Y:6).

Once you have, find the Well-dressed Attendant in Old Sharlayan (X:12.6, Y:9.7) to begin the 'Of Mothers and Merchants' quest, which will unlock the Ameliance Custom Deliveries.

Tataru's Grand Endeavor screenshot

How to unlock Tataru's Grand Endeavor:

Tataru, resident coinkeeper of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, is looking for extra hands to help with her new boutique in this set of side quests. Of course, this isn't going to be as simple as it sounds. Who knows what risks and rewards await when you bend to Tataru's whims.

To unlock Tataru's Grand Endeavor, you must first complete Patch 6.1's main scenario 'Newfound Adventure'. After, find Mehdjina in Old Sharlayan (X:11.8, Y9.8) to begin the quest 'Small Business, Big Dreams'.

Omega: Beyond the Rift screenshot

How to unlock Omega: Beyond the Rift:

A mysterious signal stirrs an old friend back to adventure. Continuing the Omega questline back from Stormblood, Omega: Beyond the Rift teams you up with the adorable Alpha to explore the origins of the deadly otherwordly machine.

To unlock Omega: Beyond the Rift, you must first complete the 'Endwalker' main scenario, and also the final of Stormblood's Omega quests 'The Kweh Under Distant Skies'.

After, speak with the Bespectacled Technician in Old Sharlayan (X:10.9, Y:14.3) to unlock 'A Heartless Hypothesis' to start Omega: Beyond the Rift.

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