February’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

The end of the month sees us enter prime time for when Sony and Microsoft announce which new games will be coming to both platforms’ respective online membership services next. That means more games to play at no additional cost, providing you’re subscribed to either Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. February looks to be a good month regardless of which console platform you play on, so let’s dive into what subscribers will be able to sink their teeth into.

Games with Gold for February 2020

As is typically the case for Games with Gold, Xbox players will be treated to a total of four games for the month – two Xbox One titles and then two classic Xbox games playable via the console’s excellent backwards compatibility functionality. Arriving simultaneously on February 1st is TT Isle of Man for Xbox One and Fable Heroes, the latter of which originally released for Xbox 360. Then, roughly two weeks later on February 16th both Call of Cthulhu and the original Xbox version of Star Wars Battlefront will be free to subscribers.

Below we’ve broken down what you can expect from each game:

TT Isle of Man: The perfect means for motorcycle enthusiasts to take to the track, TT Isle of Man lets you embark on the eponymous tournament as all manner of recognisable champions. There’s no better way to take on the famous Snaefell Mountain course.

Call of Cthulhu: Based on the works of acclaimed horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, you play as a private detective sent to investigate the death of a family within a world of creeping madness. Call of Cthulhu was one of two Lovecraft games to release last year, so get ready to solve some mysteries.

Fable Heroes: One of Xbox’s most revered franchises received a cutesy spin-off in 2012, aimed at a younger audience with an emphasis on co-operative play. That game was Fable Heroes and sees you and up to three friends hack and slash your way through a colourful world of adventure.

Star Wars Battlefront: Before EA revived the Battlefront series for 2015’s edition developed by DICE, the original Xbox was treated to a game that brought the Star Wars universe’s battles to life. It’s this 2004 version coming to Games with Gold this February.

The best current price for an Xbox Live Gold Membership:

PlayStation Plus games for February 2020

PS4 players that are subscribed to PS Plus will also be treated to no less than three games in February: two being standard PS4 titles while those with a PSVR headset can jump into the tactical FPS action of Firewall Zero Hour. One of the main PS4 games is none other than Bioshock: The Collection, a jam-packed bundle featuring all three games released thus far and The Sims 4. All will be available to download from February 4th onwards throughout the whole of the month.

Wondering more about February’s PS Plus games? We’ve got you covered with some summaries below:

Bioshock: The Collection: Including the original Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and 2012’s Bioshock: Infinite, there’s plenty of mind-bending shooting awaiting in this collection. The first of which is considered a modern classic, featuring one of the best twists in all of gaming.

The Sims 4:  The Sims series celebrates its 20th anniversary in February, making now the perfect time to jump into its latest entry. Managing the lives of these in-game busybodies has never looked better than in The Sims 4.

Firewall Zero Hour: While not always guaranteed, PSVR owners also get treated to a bonus game this month. A tactical FPS that pits two teams of 4 against each other, it’s the closest thing VR players have to Rainbow Six: Siege.

The best current price for a PS Plus Membership:

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