PlayStation's huge Days of Play discount event begins June 7th

PlayStation's huge Days of Play discount event begins June 7th

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We already knew that a new limited edition ‘Days of Play’ PlayStation 4 would soon be making its way to store shelves, but now Sony have offered further insight into the wider sale tied into the annual celebratory event. 2019’s Days of Play will see 11 full days of awesome deals arrive in relation to the platform, letting PS4 players pick up big savings on a wide range of hardware and software.

It all kicks off on the 7th June, where a bunch of different first-party games, PS4 consoles and official accessories will roll back their price for just a limited time.

There’s a full breakdown of planned offers over on the official PlayStation blog post, but below we’ve included a list of the most notable discounts:

  • PlayStation 4 Jet Black slim discounts, with more details coming soon
  • PlayStation VR bundles:
    • PS VR Starter Pack for £179.99/€199.99 RRP
    • PS VR Mega Pack for for £209.99/€229.99 RRP
  • DualShock 4 and Special Edition DualShock 4 wireless controllers – from £34.99/€39.99 RRP each
  • Gold Wireless Headset for £49.99/€59.99 and Platinum Wireless Headset for £99.99/€149.99 RRP
  • A wide selection of games including:
    • Days Gone for £39.99/€49.99 RRP
    • God of War for £24.99/€29.99 RRP
    • Marvel’s Spider-Man for £24.99/€29.99 RRP
  • PlayStation Hits games – selected titles for £11.99/€14.99 RRP

If this wasn’t enough to get your PlayStation pulses racing, there’ll be a slew of savings to be had on official PlayStation Gear and merchandise. Here you can pick up everything from sweaters, backpacks, hoodies, and everything else that lets you share your gaming passion when you’re not actually playing them.

If you’re at a loss of how to keep track of where all the Days of Play discounts can be found, you can rest easy knowing that we here at Gaming Deals will be keeping you up to date with all the best offers. The countdown on the PlayStation’s Days of Play website may have begun but be sure to return here to save you rigorously looking around in search of the best deal.

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