August’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

August’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

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The end of the month marks an exciting time for PS Plus and Games with Gold subscribers, as soon you’ll be able to download August’s crop of FREE titles. On offer this month is a wide gamut of titles spanning a good variety of genres, whether you’re into to hardcore military shooters or party games that are more colourful and endlessly fun to play with friends. How many of these do you plan on playing in August? Let’s take a closer look…

Games with Gold  for August 2020

Games with Gold is a service known for giving members an eclectic mix of games to play each month and August is no different. Both Xbox One titles, for instance, emphasis multiplayer in some form while the two original Xbox games (playable on Xbox One) are a little grittier. It all begins on the 1st of August as Portal Knights hits Xbox one, being a co-operative action-survival game set in a colourful universe. Joining it that same day is MX Unleashed for the original Xbox. Then, just over two weeks later on August 16th, mech-brawler Override Mech City Brawl lets you wreak city-wide destruction alongside FPS classic Red Faction II.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in August:

Portal Knights: Setting you and a team of up to three others within a unique colourful sandbox, Portal Knights is an inventive indie darling from just a couple years back that mixes RPG aspects with tactical action. You’ll play as either a warrior, mage or ranger who are each wickedly customisable. From here you’re challenged to explore dozens of randomly-generated islands while mashing enemies in real-time tactical combat, either alone or with a team online.

Ovverride Mech City Brawl: Ignore the game’s inherently wacky name, Ovverride Mech City Brawl is the perfect game for anyone who’s always wanted to pilot a zord from power rangers. This is primarily because of the wide roster of mech characters featured, which goes a long way to make this large-scale 1v1 battler unique and a whole lot of fun. Each limb of your mech is controlled by a different button on your gamepad, meaning you’ll have to think tactically if you are to win and know when to punch if you hope to land a hit. It’s unabashed city-sized fun.

MX Unleashed: Originally released in 2004 for Xbox, MX Unleashed is an arcade-style racing game that lets you put pedal to the medal on a range of scramblers, ATVs and other motorcycle varieties. It reviewed extremely well of the time and is a better example compared to most of its contemporary releases. It was made first available via Xbox One backwards compatibility back in 2018, but will be free to download for Xbox Live Gold members on August 1st.

Red Faction II: Before the likes of Guerrilla and Armageddon switched the series to a third-person view, Red Faction first took the shape of a first-person shooter. This second instalment build upon the successful template of the first, seeing you roam the surface of Mars as you mow down legions of EDF officers. It’s helped up pretty well in the 18 years since its original release, making great use of the Xbox One’s graphical enhancing capabilities.

The best current price for an Xbox Live Gold Membership:

PS Plus Games for August 2020

PlayStation is still in the process of celebrating 10 years of Plus, which is a good thing for PS Plus subscribers as it means being treated to bigger, better games than you otherwise may have access to. While the selection this month may have dropped from three to two, the free titles on offer both scratch a satisfying itch despite being directly opposite from each other in terms of tone. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered only released this year and it’s already available now, then on August 4th subscribers will have access to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

Here's a closer look at what both PS Plus games offer

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered: Often regarded as one of the best campaigns ever featured in a Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare 2’s single-player portion was remastered earlier this year for both PS4 and Xbox One. Featuring improved graphics, exclusive cosmetic items for Call of Duty: WarZone players and the same great 60 fps visuals series veterans have come to expect, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered lets this bombastic rollercoaster ride of a first-person shooter live on in the current generation of consoles.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout: Highly inspired by obstacle course gameshows like Takeshi’s Castle, Total Wipeout and Ninja Warrior, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is an online comedic multiplayer game that sees 60 players duke it out to be the last player standing. August 4th is the day it comes to PS Plus, also being its first official day of release meaning that no PS4 player will have played it before. This is your chance, therefore, to get in on the ground running and enjoy Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout before it takes over the livestreams.

The best current price for an PlayStation Plus Membership:

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