April’s PS Plus and Games with Gold titles have been revealed

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Despite the announcements both services coming in much later than usual – if you don’t count leaks, that is – the FREE downloadable games coming to PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold subscribers have finally been revealed. It’s a good time to sign up to either membership in these current times, being the best way to keep yourself entertained with a game while indoors without the need to spend a lot of money. It’s even better when the games themselves are great, which April’s selection most definitely is. Let’s dive in…

Games with Gold for April 2020

Once again, all Xbox One subscribers have a total of four games to look forward to this month – two playable exclusively on Xbox One, as well as two other titles readily available on either the Xbox One or Xbox 360. Downloadable right now is Project Cars 2 for Xbox One and Fable Anniversary for Xbox 360. Then, just over two weeks later on April 16th, will be Xbox One’s Knights of Pen and Paper Bundle alongside Toybox Turbos which is an Xbox 360 release but is totally playable on either platform.

Here’s a brief breakdown for each game, explaining what players can look forward to:

Project Cars 2: One of the most accomplished and attractive sim racers currently out there, Project Cars 2 originally released back in 2017 with a staggering 189 cars to take control of. The series is know for its dedication to realistic physics and emphasis on RPG mechanics. In Project Cars 2 Xbox One players will experience dynamic weather, varied track temperature and more across 60 stunning locations.

Fable Anniversary: 2020 already feels like a time where remasters and remakes of classic games of all the rage. Before the likes of Resident Evil 3, however, Fable Anniversary arrived in 2014 as a new beautiful version of the 2004 original. Featuring updated textures, character models and a cleaned-up HUD, Fable Anniversary makes it even easier to become immersed in this vibrant fantasy world.

Knights of Pen and Paper bundle: A charming, pixel-based RPG that takes heavy inspiration from the classic Dungeons & Dragon style of play, Knights of Pen and Paper (and its sequel) is great fun. You control both the characters in the game as well as the dungeon master themselves, allowing you to tip the balance however you wish to create your own story. This bundle includes both games so boasts a lot of value.

Toybox Turbos: If Project Cars 2 was a little bit too realistic or serious for your liking, Toybox Turbos is a racer that represents the antithesis. A clear hearken back to the likes of Micro Machines, this colourful title reinvents the table-top racer by letting you race over 35 vehicles in true pick-up-and-play fashion. Toybox Turbos is fine solo, but you can also dip into local multiplayer for up to four people.

The best current price for an Xbox Live Gold Membership:

PS Plus games for April 2020

Sony has definitely come out swinging for their duo of two FREE PS Plus games this month, letting players undertake a globetrotting adventure in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and take to the track as messily as can be in Dirt Rally 2.0. Both these blockbuster titles will be free to download on PS4 from April 7th, yours to keep for as long as you remain a PS Plus member.

It’s time for a deeper look at April’s PS Plus titles:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End: A The fourth and ultimately final chapter into the Nathan Drake story, A Thief’s End affectionately brings the mainline Uncharted saga to a close. Don’t despair too much, though, as this 2016 entry looks and plays beautifully when compared to the preceding three games. Nate is suddenly forced out of retirement when his long, lost brother makes a reappearance, quickly seeing him become swept up in another worldwide adventure.

Toybox Turbos: Dirt Rally 2.0 successfully continues the legacy of the Colin McCray series, yet again being developed by Codemasters to play better than ever before. This version in particularly strives to give PS4 players the best off-road racing experience possible, featuring authentic car handling, realistic physics and plenty of iconic rally locations from across the globe.

The best current price for a PS Plus Membership:

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