Nintendo announces Ring Fit Adventure, a new exercise-driven experience for Switch

Nintendo announces Ring Fit Adventure, a new exercise-driven experience for Switch

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Nintendo has today finally shed some light on last week’s Wii Fit-style tease, officially unveiling its return to the world of fitness with a new game and accessories set called Ring Fit Adventure. The new fitness-based experience will release exclusively on Nintendo Switch as early as this October 18th, specifically aimed at getting players up and on their feet whilst exploring a world full of adventure.

The reveal came by way of an official announcement video release on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, where two overly enthusiast presenters demonstrated the ins and outs of how Ring Fit Adventure will work. Players who pick it up will be gifted with two compatible accessories known as the Ring-Con and Leg Strap, which will both accept one of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Cons that can then be used to monitor your movement. Sadly, this does mean anyone planning to buy a Nintendo Switch Lite won’t be able to take part.

Once both Joy-Con are inserted in place your quest in Ring Fit Adventure can begin, playing and embarking on all kinds of exercise-driven mini games that will make getting fit feel fun. Tasks include virtual jogging throughout multiple vibrant courses, fending off enemies by squeezing the Ring-Con controller into your abs and even paddle boarding. There are over 40 different fit skills to learn in Ring Fit Adventure and, as with Wii Fit before it, the game makes it easy to track your progress.

The one vital piece of information the announcement failed to mention is price point, but a quick look at certain listings indicate that it'll retail for £49.85, which isn't bad considering you get the  game and two accessories. Both the Ring-Con controller and Leg-Strap appear to be of good build quality, for instance, and its clear that a lot of thought has gone into Ring Fit Adventure games and tracking abilities.

For a more detailed breakdown of how Ring Fit Adventure works take a look at the official video below. (Warning: Presenter cheesiness can be a bit cringe-worthy).

In the meantime, we’ll let you know as soon as Ring Fit Adventure pre-orders go live and keep you posted on which retailers will stock it at the lowest price. That said, are you sold on Nintendo’s latest fitness adventure?

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