Playstation VR Bundle: VR Worlds Deals

Playstation VR Bundle: VR Worlds Deals

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Playstation VR Bundle: VR Worlds

Playstation VR Bundle: VR Worlds

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Step into a whole new world of Virtual Reality play with the PSVR Worlds Bundle

PSVR Worlds is a compilation game that released alongside PlayStation VR at launch, being the best way to experience most of what the new medium has to offer in one neat, contained package. There are five mini-games that make up PSVR Worlds in total, ranging from a shark tank simulator that plunges you to depths of the seabed to a Guy Ritchie-inspired gangster caper where you become embroiled in a diamond robbery and ensuing chase.

Of course, you could pick up PSVR Worlds separately on its own. However, by picking it up as part of the bundle being compared above, you can be assured that you’ll have everything you need to get your Virtual Reality adventure on PS4 started. To highlight everything that awaits you in PSVR Worlds and more, we’ve included a breakdown of all five mini-games below:

The London Heist

The London Heist is perhaps the most fully featured game present in the collection, casting you, the player, as a lowly gangster looking for their next big score. You’ll be thrust into multiple scenarios during this roughly two-hour adventure, including the heist itself, a pub meet-up with a confident, until eventually it all culminates in a high-speed getaway chase that sees you fend of pursuing gangster rivals. It’s the Guy Ritchie trip of a lifetime.

London Heist

Into the deep

Into The Deep

Not one for the faint of heart, Into The Deep is a brief but thrilling descent to the floor of the seabed. In virtual reality you’ll get to look around in wonder and awe at all of the sea life swimming around you, safe in the cage carrying you down. Can it withstand the rattle of a Great White Shark, however? You’ll need to step inside and hold your breath to find out.

VR Luge

You know that bit in the Olympics where an onslaught of trained athletes throw themselves down a really steep hill and call it sport? VR Luge is one of the mini-games in PSVR Worlds that lets you experience what that’s like. You’ll barrel down each of the city-set slopes at thrilling high speeds, avoiding obstacles like cars, lorries and even colossal jumps. You’ll really feel the wind in your hair when playing VR Luge.

VR Luge

Danger Ball

Danger Ball

The simple back-and-forth gameplay of Pong is one that continues to permeate even games released today. Danger Ball is the first to bring this tennis-like battle of patience and co-ordination to VR, however, making it feel epic thanks to a coat of future pain. You now manage and hit the ball back against the opponent using your head, navigating where to aim the ball in the hopes of becoming champion.

Scavenger’s Odyssey

Scavenger’s Odyssey sees you pilot a space-traversing mech while escaping an avalanche of always approaching alien invaders. You’ll use the machine to pounce from asteroid to space station, shooting enemies with your laser-equipped canons in order to make it through to the end in time. It’s a fully featured VR space adventure that puts you fully in the driver’s seat.

Scavangers odyssey

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