Save 20% on selected sellers at ebay - available now until June 25th 2023

Save 20% on selected sellers at ebay - available now until June 25th 2023
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It's nearly payday, which tends to mean we see more frequent deals from our partner retailers.

Ebay have launched a code this morning that saves 20% on a variety of products (from selected sellers).

Code: SUNNY20
Min spend: £20
Discount: 20%
Max discount: £60
Redemptions: 3

If you'd like to see the full list of eBay stores participating in the offer along with the coupon terms and conditions, check out the ebay voucher page.

We tend to see that a number of eBay sellers raise their prices to somewhat dilute the discount offered from the coupon, but there is still the odd bargain to be found if you look hard enough.

We've summarised some of the most noteworthy deals that we think are worth checking out...


MusicMagpie Refurbished Consoles:

Product Saving Discount Price
Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Disc Edition Console - Very Good Condition £60.00 £389.99
Sony PlayStation 5 (PS5) Digital Edition - Excellent Condition £60.00 £439.99
Microsoft Xbox Series X - 1TB - Good Condition £60.00 £337.99
Nintendo Switch Lite - Turquoise - Good Condition £32.60 £130.39
Nintendo Switch V2 (2019) Neon Blue/Neon Red Controllers - Good Condition £44.00 £175.99
Nintendo Switch OLED White Controllers - Good Condition £53.00 £211.99



Product Saving Discount Price
Xbox Controller For Series X & S - Shock Blue £7.98 £31.92
Xbox Controller For Series X & S - Robot White £7.98 £31.92
Sony DualSense Charge Charging Station For 2 DualSense Controllers £4.38 £17.52
Xbox Headset For Series X & S Stereo £8.98 £35.92
Sony Pulse 3D Headset For PS5 - White £15.98 £63.92


Noteable sellers participating in the sale


So, head to eBay and treat yourself to incredible bargains while they last!

Please let us know if you spot any deals that we have missed!

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