PS5 Disc Edition with God of war Ragnarok (Digital Copy) + Free Midnight Black DualSense Controller £479.98 at BTShop (Was £539.97)

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Great deal available right now from BT Shop for the God of War PS5 Disc Edition bundle alongside a free Midnight Black DualSense controller. You'd normally expect to pay £539.97 for this bundle at RRP but BT Shop has slashed the price down to £479.99 which is a pretty great saving for the PS5 which is a console that doesn't receive a whole lot of discounts.

God of War Ragnarok is also a part of this deal which is one of the best games available on the system easily being one of the best titles of 2022. An extra controller is always a bonus as well and the midnight black is a smart and sleek look and considering these controllers retail at around £50 getting one for free is pretty exceptional.

To grab this deal you need to scroll down to the "Bundle deals" section and hit the plus and you'll see the deal, delivery is also free which is a nice bonus!

PS5 God of War Ragnarok Midnight Black Dualsense Controller BT Shop

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PS5 Disc Console + God of War Ragnarok + Midnight Black DualSense Controller £479.98 - BT Shop
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