Newly released tactics game Hard West 2 is down to an incredible £12.99 (PC)

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Hard West 2 is an XCOM-esque shooter but set in the wild west with supernatural elements.

Magic, monsters and six-shooters are your weapons here. Thanks to CDKeys you can get this fresh game for £12.99.

RRP: £31.99

Game details:

  • A supernatural journey to the dark heart of the West.
  • With a gun full of lead and a fistful of witchcraft, raise an outlaw posse and chase down the devil to take back what’s yours.
  • Folk tales of the far West collide with the darkness of the occult in an unforgiving land riddled with as many demons as bullets.
  • With projectiles of lead and witchcraft, the turn-based combat happens in dynamically shifting environments, keeping your brain as busy as your trigger finger.
  • Rack up kills to activate your Bravado State and replenish your Action Points as you roam the land taking down anyone — or anything — that gets in your way. Chain stylish kills of multiple foes to extend your streak and shore up your reputation as a legendary gunslinger.
  • Explore the far reaches of the Wild West, from snow-covered vistas to frontier towns struggling to survive, in a desperate fight to save your soul.

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Hard West 2 (PC) - £12.99 on CDKeys
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