GIVEAWAY: Win yourself a Super Mario or Lara Croft Pixel Pal

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Following on from our previous giveaway, we're now giving Console Deals readers the chance to win themselves a new desk mate in the form of a Pixel Pal. "What's a Pixel Pal?" we hear you ask. Well, its an official line of light-up products developed and released by PDP, recreating famous video game characters to help light the way and keep you company. So, if you'd like to win yourself a Lara Croft or Super Mario Pixel Pal (£14.99 each), then this competition is for you! Starting from now until Wednesday April 1st, there's plenty of times to enter and lots of ways to do it.

Pixel Pals Giveaway

The giveaway will be running for two weeks from today, and all you need to do to enter is fill in your details in the online form above. What’s more, you can increase your chances of success by not entering once, but in a variety of ways. From simply paying us a visit on Twitter or Facebook to signing up for our weekly newsletter – which always keeps you up to date with the best deals – there are seven different methods you can take advantage of to get involved with our giveaway!

Similar to our previous competitions, we’ll announce the winner on this very post within seven days of the giveaway's end and email two lucky winners. The first winner drawn will getf irst pick out of the two Pixel Pals, but who wouldn't want either one of these? So, if you fancy your chances, look no further.

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