[FREE] Three free games to play on Steam this weekend! Midnight Ghost Hunt, Payday 2, and SpiderHeck

[FREE] Three free games to play on Steam this weekend! Midnight Ghost Hunt, Payday 2, and SpiderHeck
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You're not going to be short of things to do this weekend. With three games to play until September 26th, you can experience worlds of fun.

From crime sprees to supernatural ghost hunting, there's a feast ready to be enjoyed right now!

What games are free to play on Steam this weekend?

Midnight Ghost Hunt (September 22nd-26th)

A team of hunters versus a team of ghosts, this mad multiplayer game is great fun on either side. A mix of prop-hunt games and first person shooters, hunters have a short amount of time to find the ghosts that are disguised as items around the map. After that time is out, the ghosts become powerful and must eliminate the hunters.

Payday 2 (September 22nd-24th)

In this popular heist simulator, you and your crew must pull of the best robberies you can. There are a multitude of ways to succeed, and even more ways to fail. Whether your plan goes flawlessly or bullets start flying will all depend on how well you execute your mission. For the next few days you can find out whether you're a criminal mastermind or not, thanks to Steam.

SpiderHeck (September 22nd-26th)

Newly released game SpiderHeck is a brawler that has you try to become the deadliest spider of them all. You fight against other spiders using a wide array of weaponry and silliness to be the very best you can be. You've never played anything quite like this.

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Midnight Ghost Hunt FREE
Payday 2 FREE
SpiderHeck FREE
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