[FREE GAME] Get Despotism 3k for free on Steam for a limited time

[FREE GAME] Get Despotism 3k for free on Steam for a limited time
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I’ve got some bad news, humanity has been enslaved by AI overlords. However, I’ve also got some good news - you are the AI.

That’s the premise of Despotism 3k, which is now free to keep on Steam until 11th August.

How to add Despotism 3k to your Steam Library for free

To claim and own this tyrannical simulator, all you have to do is go to the Despotism 3k store page here, and click ‘add to account’.

After that, it’ll sit in your library until the AI overlords do eventually take over. Fortunately, if you put enough hours into this title, they may believe you’re on their side and ask for advice.

Enjoy Despotism 3k for free today!

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Get Despotism 3k for free on Steam
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