[FREE] Black Desert Online is free to play until September 19th

[FREE] Black Desert Online is free to play until September 19th
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Black Desert Online is an action-based MMO with a lot of flash and style. If you're yet to give it a try, you can do so now until September 19th.

With one of the best character creators in the industry, you can make your perfect character and slash through the legions of enemies that make their home in the dangerous desert.

Until Monday September 19th, you can play the game with no restrictions. Become a hero in a short time in Black Desert Online's free period.

How to play Black Desert Online for free:

To play Black Desert Online for free between now and the 19th September 2022, head over to the official Steam page and download it there.

Enjoy becoming the hero you want to be in Black Desert Online.

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Play Black Desert Online for free here
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