Project CARS 3 cheapest deals and lowest prices

Project CARS 3 cheapest deals and lowest prices

Find the best deals on Project CARS 3 for PC (Microsoft Windows), PlayStation 4, Xbox One. We compare 43 deals (starting from £6.95) across every edition offered by our partner retailers.

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The thrill of authentic racing makes a comeback in Project Cars 3, the third and latest entry in Bandai Namco’s wildly successful driving series that lets you own, upgrade and personalise hundreds of real-life cars. It features the highest number of customisable features ever seen in the franchise, letting you take them to the track in over 120 circuits located across the globe.

Players will be able to feel each moment they play in Project Cars 3 thanks to impressive steering controls, tyre physics and dynamic weather seasons dictated by an authentic 24-hour weather cycle. Locations never fail to look gorgeous as they fly past your window and you enjoy a visceral sense of speed, enjoying all-weather racing at its finest behind the wheel of myriad vehicles.

The ultimate driver journey returns to PS4 and Xbox One

Developer Slightly Mad Studios is on record citing their inspiration for Project Cars 3 as the Shift subseries of Need for Speed games. This means placing a heavy emphasis on simulation, as well as a wide track variety and fun handling. Project Cars 2 will feature fully scalable assists to ensure that both racing veterans and newcomers can hop on board.

Become legend on the multiplayer leaderboards

As well as going it on the track alone, Project Cars 3 offers a flexible suite of multiplayer modes that will let you race head to head against others online. Skilled-based matchmaking ensures that you always stand a fair fight with players at your level. And when you’ve done that, community challenges are there for anyone wanting to maintain their A-game. You’ll be climbing the online leaderboards in no time.

Compete in white-knuckle races across the world

There being over 120 global circuits featured means that you’ll suffer no shortage of beautiful locations in which to race. From the city streets of Havana to the neaon-laden roads of Shanghai, Project cars 3 isn’t short of layouts or turns to learn. Whether in a single race or as part of a season, taking to the track is always exhilarating.

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