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Dead or Alive 6 cheapest deals and lowest prices

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Dead or Alive 6

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Xbox One + Series X|S

Dead or Alive 6

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Team Ninja’s celebrated fighting game franchise returns in 2019 with Dead or Alive 6, bringing with it a slew of new features including slow-motion moments and visible damage that occurs on the competitors as the fight goes on. These come coupled with a complete design overhaul made to most characters, giving them more realistic facial expressions to help bring these iconic fighters to life in a way never before seen.

Dead or Alive 6 has also been developed with accessibility in mind, with certain concessions made and features included that help players jumping in for the first time. Chief amongst these is the new Fatal Rush mechanic, a beginner-friendly manoeuvre where pressing one button multiple times will see the character perform a complex combo relatively easily. Additions like this assure that when entering a tournament, all players stand a fighting chance.

Throw down against one another in Dead or Alive 6

Right up there with the likes of Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive has grown to become one of the longest-running and most celebrated fighting game franchises around. Dead or Alive 6 has been pitched as the best jumping on point for series newcomers, combining fan-favourite features with various fresh ones to make this the most distinct Dead or Alive has felt.

Two new locations join a list of old favourites

Dead or Alive 6 sees the arrival of two totally new stages. The first of which is known simply as “DOA Colosseum” and is a celebration of all the famous fighting poses seen previously in the franchise. The second is “The Throwdown” and is by comparison a much meaner setting to trade fists in. It’s essentially a gritty back street where raw unfiltered fighting can take place in its prime, ironing out their fighting skills before working their way up the ranks.

Dead or Alive 6 throwdown

Dead or Alive 6 character select

The return of “Mass Destruction” mode

One mode that the Dead or Alive series has always featured to help set itself apart from rivals is through its famed “Mass Destruction” mode. In it, fighters can use the environment surrounding them against their opponents as well as traditional combos and throws. Dead or Alive 6 features various single player and multiplayer modes with Mass Destruction being a popular favourite.

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