Where to buy a Xbox One on finance and pay 0% interest

Where to buy a Xbox One on finance and pay 0% interest

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The Xbox One family of consoles remains the cheapest way to enjoy gaming in 2021 - and that's even with the Xbox Series S now on the market. However, while the standard price of an entry-level Xbox One S might be a reasonable £199.99, that’s still a hefty amount for certain folk. You previously had the option of purchasing an Xbox One X, too, though this model has since been discontinued. The great thing about Xbox One is that it'll continue to be supported for at least another year. As such, finding a cheaper way to buy a One S is a valiant pursuit.

Not only is the Xbox One eco-system the home of such celebrated franchises as Gears of War, Forza Horizon and Halo, but  it also offers players access to amazing money-saving subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Gold. Essentially, picking up an entry-level Xbox One S is a worthwhile investment when it comes to modern gaming, so we thought it useful to run through how you can get one at a great deal on finance.

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Buying a new Xbox One console on finance makes sense for those not wanting to pay full price on day one, allowing you to spread the cost over an agreed period of time. And the good news is, a large portion of UK retailers offer interest free finance! So to help you understand what your options are, we've put together this concise guide explaining the various Xbox One finance plans available in the UK. We also include the cheapest deals for each retailer we feature, for both the Xbox One S console and the pro model, Xbox One X. If it's the Xbox One S All-Digital (disc free) console you're considering, those deals can be found at the foot of this guide.

Xbox One All Access

In late 2019, Microsoft launched their own official Xbox finance option, available in the UK via GAME and Smyths Toys. This scheme works like most other finance programmes, with the difference that it enables you to upgrade to the upcoming Xbox Scarlet consoles when they launch in late 2020 while on the same programme. We've written up absolutely everything you need to know about the Xbox One All Access in this guide. Do check it out if you'd like to secure next year's console now and start playing Xbox One in the process.

Interest free Xbox One finance

Often considered the best option, a 0% interest Xbox One finance plan will allow you to spread the cost of your purchase without paying a single lick of interest. The length of time in which you can take advantage of accruing no interest will vary from retailer to retailer, but most opt to offer it over either 6 or 12 months. Let’s take a look at the top UK retailers offering interest free finance deals for new Xbox One consoles:

AO interest free Xbox One deals. AO's interest free credit is offered over a length of 6 or 12 months in monthly instalments, and some of the cheapest Xbox One deals that we feature are regularly available from AO.com.

One huge benefit of choosing AO is the ability to receive your Xbox One as early as the next day free of charge, with no need for an upfront payment at the start of the interest free plan. Just make sure that your desired Xbox One bundle is over £200 in order to qualify for AO's interest free plan.

Argos interest free Xbox One deals. Argos’ interest free credit is offered up to a period of 12 months with no additional cost, letting you pay it back as and when it suits you. All you need to do is sign up for an Argos card, and ensure you meet the minimum monthly repayment in order to avoid paying interest. As well as this, shopping from Argos has plenty of benefits, not least a huge network of shops (including Argos and Sainsbury's) from which you can click and collect your order with minimal fuss. We track hundreds of prices daily here at Gaming Deals, and Argos are consistently one of the best retailers for Xbox One deals, making them an excellent overall choice.

GAME interest free Xbox One deals. The only way to enjoy 0% interest via GAME is through their online storefront using what’s known as PayPal credit. It’s applicable to any item over £99 (Xbox One X included) and must be paid over a 4-month period for no interest to be accrued.

Music Magpie interest free Xbox One deals. Being a second-hand retailer exclusively, Music Magpie offer refurbished Xbox One consoles at a 0% interest rate. Your order will need to be over £99 and, like GAME, is only possible through PayPal credit.

Buy now pay later Xbox One finance

You can buy a new Xbox One without any upfront cost, and pay for it later from a number of retailers. Popular retailers offering Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) plans include AO.com, Argos, GAME, and MusicMagpie. You will not be charged any interest as long as you settle your account within the time you are given. This ranges from as little as four months, to a whole year - e.g. you may get 12 months to pay for your new Xbox One console from AO.com. We've not come across any retailers offering BNPL terms longer than 12 months.

Pay monthly Xbox One finance

If for whatever reason your Xbox One of choice isn’t available at a retailer that offers 0% finance, the rule of thumb is to always pay it off as soon as possible. Do that, and you’ll accrue the least amount of interest possible. A pay monthly plan still allows you to spread the cost, but you’re paying extra for the privilege.

One of the most trusted retailers that offers pay monthly Xbox One plans is Currys PC World where you can buy an Xbox One X with no deposit to pay, at an interest rate of 24.9% (APR variable representative). You choose the payment term (months) that suits you and pay off your Xbox One purchase early at no extra cost.

Currys PC World representative example: Xbox One price £219.00. Pay 36 monthly payments of £8.41. Total amount payable £302.76. Rate of interest 24.9% (variable) 24.9% APR representative

You can also purchase Xbox One consoles on pay monthly finance via Ebay stores (such as Argos and Currys PC World), using PayPal Credit - currently 19.9% APR. You can choose to pay off the Xbox One in as little as 6 months, or take 24 months. The longer the payment period, the more interest you will accrue.

Pay weekly Xbox One finance

When looking to purchase an Xbox One as part of a pay weekly finance plan, bear in mind that the same rule applies: pay as soon as possible. Do this and you’ll accrue the least amount of interest possible. Paying weekly makes it less likely that you’ll miss any instalments as they occur more frequently.

You have two options. You can buy an Xbox One from Argos and pay for it weekly. On the face of it, what Argos offers you isn’t a pay weekly plan per se, but the online and physical storefront simply allows you to pay instalments whenever you want so can be treated as pay weekly. You’ll need to sign up for an Argos Card and make sure it’s paid off before 12 months – it’s even interest free.

Your other option for paying weekly for a new Xbox One X is making your purchase at BrightHouse -a second-hand retailer that offers Xbox One X as Pay Monthly or Pay Weekly at a fixed rate of 99.9% APR representative. If preferred, BrightHouse also offers a Pay Fortnightly option.

BrightHouse representative example: Xbox One price £247.20. Pay 120 weekly payments of £4.10. Total amount payable £492.00. Rate of interest 99.90% (variable) 99.90% APR representative

Xbox One finance with bad credit history

A little unknown retailer called Lintronics.uk offers finance deals to almost 100% of the customers who apply for credit. Sounds too good to be true? Well, we can't comment, as we know very little about this retailer and have only featured them as part of our research for this guide on games console finance. The prices are expensive but if it means you can spread the payment for a new Xbox One with a poor credit history, it might be worth paying them a visit.

Xbox One X finance

If you want to buy the very best Xbox One console on finance - the Xbox One X - you will be able to find cheap bundles on 0% interest free credit from the retailers we've mentioned above, such as AO.com and GAME. Plenty of other retailers offer Xbox One X finance but on terms that will accrue interest, such as pay monthly or pay weekly deals.

Here's the 4 cheapest Xbox One X consoles available to buy on finance from the trusted UK retailers we've mentioned above:

Xbox One S finance

If you have decided to buy an Xbox One S on finance, you should opt for retailers offering 0% finance if you have a good enough credit history. Several major high street retailers offer interest free Xbox One S finance, including AO.com. Both of these retailers regularly feature some of the cheapest Xbox One S bundles in the UK.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition finance

The very latest Xbox One console, released in May 2019, is available to buy on finance agreements from a select few retailers, listed below.

Today's cheapest Xbox One deals

Want a particular game bundled with your new Xbox One purchased on finance? Check out our Xbox One deals page and use the filter to choose which game you want included. Hopefully there will a deal from one the retailers we've featured above

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