Xbox and Bethesda Summer Showcase 2022 - all the announcements

Xbox and Bethesda Summer Showcase 2022 - all the announcements

The biggest show of the summer has now concluded. The Xbox and Bethesda summer showcase had a lot of massive announcements. To quickly catch up with everything that was shown off and announced, we’ve compiled all the trailers and news below.

Remember that this was just a taste of what Microsoft wants to show off. On June 14th, they’re diving into another show to explore their announcements in depth. If anything here caught your eye, be sure to check it out. For times and where to watch, head to our handy Summer Showcase guide page.

Redfall Gameplay Trailer

Hollow Knight: Silksong Trailer

High on Life Trailer

Riot Games X Gamepass Announcement

A Plague Tail Requiem Trailer

Forza Motorsport 2023 Preview

Forza Motorsport 2023 Gameplay

Flight Simulator  40th Anniversary Trailer

Overwatch 2 - Free to Play Trailer

Ara: History Untold Trailer

Elder Scrolls High Isle Trailer

Fallout 76: The Pit Trailer

Forza 5 | Hotwheels Trailer

Ark 2 Trailer

Scorn Trailer

Flintlock the Siege of Dawn Trailer

Minecraft Legends Trailer

Lightyear Frontier Trailer

Gunfire Reborn Trailer

The Last Case of Benedict Fox Trailer

As Dusk Falls Trailer

Naraka Bladepoint Trailer

Pentiment Trailer

Grounded Full Release Trailer

Ereban Shadow Legacy Trailer

Diablo IV Necromancer Trailer

Diablo IV Gameplay Preview

Sea of Thieves Captain Trailer

Ravenlok Trailer

Cocoon Trailer

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Trailer

Persona Comes to Xbox

Microsoft collaborates with Hideo Kojima

Microsoft announced that they are collaborating with famed game developer Hideo Kojima on his next unannounced title. All we know so far is that it’s going to be big, original and only possible on the Xbox and Windows. It’ll be a while until we hear more, but Kojima fans certainly have reason to be excited.

Starfield Gameplay Showcase

We’re almost at the end of this intense week. What’s been your favourite announcement so far? There are still a couple showcases left to see. Follow our guide if you don’t want to miss out.

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