What is Xbox All Access and how does it work?

What is Xbox All Access and how does it work?

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One of the biggest barriers to purchasing a video game console is obviously cost. Especially at the start of a new console generation when you’re asked to fork out full price, getting to play the latest games usually means having to pay a hefty fee for the privilege of continuing in your favourite video game franchise. Luckily, Microsoft is changing how purchasing a new Xbox console is done thanks to its service: Xbox All Access.

What is Xbox All Access? Well, ostensibly it’s a way to remove the initial cost of purchasing a new Xbox console, instead giving players the option to spread the cost via a low monthly fee. However, the major way Xbox All Access differs from most credit options is that you receive your choice of an Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X as well as a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Xbox All Access is a special offer only available here in the UK from two different retailers, GAME and Smyths Toy Store. But if you like the sound of not paying a hefty upfront cost for an Xbox Series S or Series X, read on to learn more about the plan’s specifics.

The ultimate purchasing option for the latest Xbox consoles

Ideal for prospective Xbox purchasers who are craving a more flexible way to pay, Xbox All Access wipes away the traditional upfront cost of buying a console and instead spreads the cost. Here in the UK, there’s an Xbox All Access plan specific to each variant of the Xbox consoles. Players can choose from a plan that includes either an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S bundle, each including one Xbox Wireless controller, a 24-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. We have seen official bundles also offered with the service for example earlier in the year the Xbox Series X Forza Horizon 5 bundle was included however as of the time of writing only the base consoles are available with Xbox All Access, we're sure this may change here and there and we will be updating this article as soon as any other bundles are included.

So, to sum up, here’s what an Xbox All Access subscription gets you:

  • An Xbox Console
    • Your choice of either an Xbox Series X or Series S
    • One Xbox Wireless controller.
  • 24-month membership to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
    • A subscription that combines the benefits of Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, giving players access to a massive library of over 400 games that is always growing and online multiplayer access. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate has every single Xbox 1st party exclusive day one as well as plenty of fantastic third-party games to enjoy.

Xbox All Access has two payment plan options

Now of course, offering players their choice of two different Xbox consoles dictates that there must be two different payment plan options. You’ll receive all the above with any of them, it’s just that they’re priced differently. The Xbox Series X plan will cost £30.99 per month for 24 months and the Xbox Series S plan will cost £21.99 per month for 24 months, 

Here’s an infographic showing each Xbox All Access plan.

Xbox all access plans image

Where to sign up to Xbox All Access

In terms of where you can opt into the service, GAME should be your one-stop shop as one of only two UK retailers sanctioned by Microsoft to offer Xbox All Access subscriptions. Simply head on over to its official website, select the console you want to purchase, and you'll have the console sent out to you following a brief financial check. The financing is handled by Klarna and all the terms and conditions can be found over at GAME's Xbox All Access landing page.

Opting for GAME's Xbox All Access payment plan will see subscribers also gain 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate in addition to their preferred Xbox Series X or Series S console. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate combines the benefits of both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, gifting players access to a rotating library of more than 400 games, EA Play and also the ability to play online against others.

xbox all access starfield banner

Is Xbox All Access worth it?

We believe so yes if you're unable to afford the upfront cost of a console. If you're still on the Xbox One platform and your current Xbox console is getting a bit tired or you’re desperate to upgrade to the Xbox Series X so you can enjoy your games in the best quality possible, this payment plan lets you spread the cost with ease. There’s no upfront cost so it’s a fantastic way of reaping the benefits of a new console without the worry of initial price. We can also do the math to see the difference between paying for this contract compared to buying the consoles separately with 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. If however, you wouldn't necessarily want 24 months of constant Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or are able to source it cheaper than what Microsoft will charge you may be better off going with a 0% finance option with another retailer. You can check out our Xbox Series X finance guide to see additional 0% pay monthly options for the Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X package price breakdown

  • £30.99 over 24 months leads to a total cost of £743.76 for Xbox All Access 
  • Xbox Series X RRP is £479.99 and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is £12.99 x 24 = £311.76 (direct from Xbox) if we add these together we get £791.75
  • That means a saving of £47.99 for the same content with Xbox All Access

Xbox Series S package price breakdown

  • £21.99 over 24 months leads to a total cost of £527.76 for Xbox All Access 
  • Xbox Series S RRP is £249.99 and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is £12.99 x 24 = £311.76 (direct from Xbox) if we add these together we get £561.75
  • That means a saving of £33.99 for the same content with Xbox All Access

Xbox All Access FAQ

Can I return my Xbox console?

Xbox All Access consoles can be returned within the standard 30-day return policy. But you cannot cancel the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate order.

Can I just get the Xbox Series S or X with Xbox All Access without Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

No, Xbox All Access is always bundled with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, you cannot cancel it in order to reduce payments.

Is the console mine to keep after the 2 year contract?

Yes, the console is yours once you've paid the full 24 months of you Xbox All Access contract.

Do you need to pay a deposit for an Xbox with Xbox All Access?

No, there is no upfront cost associated with Xbox All Access

When will my first payment be due after ordering?

Your first Klarna payment is most likely going to be around the 5th of the month following the month when you Xbox Series S or X console is shipped.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Missing payments will lead to serious consequences, your credit rating will be affected and you will incur charges.

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