When Pokken Tournament DLC Arrives, These Are the Pokemon We Want

Pokken Tournament is only just here, and it's pretty great. Pokemon fans can finally get right into the heat of battle, taking direct control of their colourful buddies in a game that's more reminiscent of the Naruto fighting games than Tekken.

But what about that roster? Why so small?

There are 721 different Pokemon out in the wild, but Pokken only lets us fight with 14 of them. There are two other characters, Shadow Mewtwo and Pikachi Libre, but they're just variants of regular Mewtwo and Pika.

16 characters just isn't enough. Including all the downloadable content (DLC), Smash 4 has 58 characters. Ultra Street Fighter IV has 39. And Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom has 48.

Pokken needs more Pokemon - and these are the ones we want. See if you agree.



Hitmonchan is a fighting type who seems to have been born with boxing gloves on its hands. Its bizarre appearance is always good for a laugh. And yet this classic original Pokemon was overlooked for Pokken. What a travesty.



Greninja is a blast to play with in Smash 4, bringing speed, agility and style. So why was this popular Pokemon overlooked for Pokken Tournament? We can only guess it's because Greninja is arriving as DLC later!


chesnaught gif

Just look at Chesnaught. It's a beast! With its big armour and grouchy face, this Pokemon would be at home as a heavyweight in any fighting game, not just Pokken. Chesnaught has gotta be a shoe-in if Pokken gets DLC characters.


hitmontop gif

Hitmontop is another fighting type, but this "handstand Pokemon" could bring a pretty unique style to the game. Hitmontop attacks by spinning on its head, sending kicks flying as it spins. Nintendo and Namco, please bring Hitmontop to Pokken!


hawlucha gif

We already have one Mexican wrestling-themed character in Pokken: Pikachu Libre. But Hawlucha is way cooler. It's a flying, wrestling type Pokemon with crazy eyes, it could bring a brand new style to the fighting game genre. What are you waiting for, Pokken DLC developers?

Will Pokken even get DLC characters?

Nintendo is a lot more open to downloadable content lately, and plenty of new fighters have been added to Smash Bros 4 that way. Whether Pokken gets new character DLC will probably depend on how popular the Wii U version is.

Or maybe we'll just get a sequel instead. Back in 2014, Katsuhiro Harada of Pokken developer Bandai Namco said:

"I feel like this game can always be improved in new instalments. Having 700 different varieties of Pokemon gives a lot of freedom."

At least he agrees we need more Pokemon!

So those are our choices, but which new Pokemon would you like to see added to Pokken? Pitch your favourites in the comments.

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