We're not in Pallet Town anymore – Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 4

We're not in Pallet Town anymore – Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 4

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Editors Note: This is the fourth diary in a 5 day Pokémon face-off between Console Deal team members Nat & Gaz. Check out how the guys did yesterday.

A Tale of Two Gamers, Pokemon Red/Blue Challenge Day 4

Nat: Day 4

Nat, under the bridge

Learning my lesson from the previous day, I quickly healed up in the Poke centre before heading back to face Misty. With Kakuna firmly relegated to the bottom of the pack, and Wartortle and Zubat well aware that failure is not acceptable, we destroyed Misty's Pokemon is a display of utter carnage.

caption id="attachment_4349" align="alignnone" width="480"

cerulean city There's so much talking in this game...


My prize for beating Misty was the Cascade Badge which would allow Pokemon up to level 30 to obey me. If I pick up the pace, this could prove very useful in my journey to beat Gaz, become the best Pokemon trainer of all time.

Unfortunately, I had no idea where to head next, so I made my way north towards Sea Cottage and Nugget Bridge. Standing on the bridge (seriously, these people just stand there and nobody thinks it is weird) were five opponents. I eliminated them leaving the last trainer barely alive so he could tell others of the destruction that occurred on this bridge this day. I also received a Nugget for all of this.

caption id="attachment_4351" align="alignnone" width="625"

nugget Future generations will talk of this bridge in fear


Following the road down, I stumbled upon Bill's cottage, where a Pokemon informed me that he was actually the brilliant Pokemon researcher Bill. Apparently, he was doing an experiment on teleportation which went badly wrong, and he needs my help to turn him back human.

caption id="attachment_4352" align="alignnone" width="600"

This guy is a genius? Really? This guy is a genius? Really?


I figure this must be the work of natural selection and leave him be, another 24 hours won't kill him.

Gaz: Day 4

A bright new world

Vermilion City, where the streets are paved with gold. Or so they say. I wouldn’t know, as I haven’t played in 2 days. The furthest I ventured outside of Pallet Town was the local Spar for Oak’s groceries. That seemed a world away now as I strode into Vermilion with the rag tag team my son had assembled for me.

My first stop? The harbour, seeing as my route to the city gym was off limits. The S.S Anne had a ticket with my name on it. After flashing the goods to the concierge, I promptly make my way on board and do the first thing any good RPG’er worth their salt would... invade every passengers room and creepily trawl through their wardrobes and dressers.

caption id="attachment_4343" align="alignnone" width="800"

The good ship S.S. Anne The good ship S.S. Anne


After dispatching numerous “GENTLEMEN”, “LASSES” and “SAILORS”, I find myself alone in the lower decks, heading for a stairwell on the far side. Just as I’m about to enter it, who should appear but my old nemesis himself... NAT. It seems I can’t bump into him without having a Poké-tussle, and this time is no exception.

We’re not in Pallet Town anymore though, and I have a decent level Ivysaur that makes short work of his first 3 Pokémon, before he unleashes an Abra...something or other. It decimates 80% of my team, and I limp over the victory line. Still, it’s another victory over the spoilt brat. They all count.

caption id="attachment_4344" align="alignnone" width="800"

Once a NAT, always a NAT. Once a NAT, always a NAT.


I finally ascend the stairwell and come face to face with the CAPTAIN. He’s not doing too well, and asks me to “give him a rub”. I hesitate, expecting to hear Professor Oak giggling in the closet, before doing as he asks.

I’m rewarded with CUT, the means to make my way to Vermilion’s gym. The end is in sight.

Day 4 summary: Pokémon - 6. Poké Balls - 5. 

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