Virgin Media Gaming Broadband - Best Deals

Virgin Media Gaming Broadband - Best Deals

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Online gaming is a pass time millions of people around the world enjoy, with games growing ever bigger with larger online communities joining together or battling it out. With this considered the importance of a reliable and fast broadband provider has never been higher! Without an online connection, there are many features you'll be missing out on from modern titles with some just being completely unplayable without one. In this article, we're going to look at broadband provider Virgin Media, highlight their best current deals and why they might be a good option for you to get the most out of your gaming broadband.

If you're interested in other broadband providers we have an article covering the best broadband for online gaming.

Why should you choose Virgin Media Broadband?

Virgin Media are a very well-known broadband provider across the UK, they're very vast in terms of their availability across the country with really solid high-speed internet. They boast their own cable network and offer rapid speeds of over 1Gbps. In order to find out if you're eligible for Virgin Media broadband and the fastest speeds they have available use the Virgin Media postcode checker.

Virgin Media's speeds and availability are only really rivalled by other behemoth broadband providers like BT and Sky but these are available in fewer areas than Virgin's offerings. Virgin does not require you to have a landline alongside the broadband service, which may suit a lot of people as landlines are not really necessary in this day and age. 

Virgin offer some great deals with their TV packages alongside their broadband services with a load of channels to take advantage of as well as the ability to add premium options to suit your needs. Bundle options allow you to save money in the long term but if you strictly just want a solid broadband for gaming Virgin Media have you covered with plenty of options.

With Virgin Media, the set-up cost is currently £0 for their gaming broadband packages and broadband-only deals until the 31st of May. The contracts are a minimum length of 18 months, which does give it a slight edge over some competitors that require a set-up cost and also have 24-month minimum contracts. 

Unlimited downloads are as standard meaning you won't ever be capped when downloading or patching your games, Virgin Media also have some fantastic upload speeds ideal for if you're trying to grow your Twitch gaming channel or are using Discord to stream and show your gameplay to friends. With all this in mind let's look at exactly what speed and options Virgin Media provide.

Virgin Media Broadband Speeds and deals

Virgin exclusively offer fibre optic broadband, which means even the low-end packages are going to net you a reliable a fast connection compared to the minimum speeds of other providers.

When it comes to what speed you need for gaming that depends really on how many gamers are in your house and just how quickly you want to download your games. The faster the better but obviously this comes at an increased price. The cheapest broadband package from Virgin Media will probably be enough for a single gamer household. However, if you've got a fair few gamers and people using streaming devices to maintain a low ping and latency in games the higher speeds will be beneficial and probably worth the extra cost if you can manage it. Being able to rapidly download games is also a great quality-of-life bonus especially with PC games being almost entirely digital and consoles like the PS5 Digital Edition and Xbox Series S following suit. Being able to just uninstall games and quickly download others on the rather limited space SSDs of these consoles is a dream.

Currently the speeds and packages Virgin Media offers are:

Virgin Media Broadband Offerings

    • M125 - 132Mbps download speed, 20Mbps upload.
    • M250 - 264Mbps download speed, 25Mbps upload.
    • M350 - 362Mbps download speed, 35Mbps upload
    • M500 - 516Mbps download speed, 36Mbps upload
    • Gig1 - 1130Mbps download speed, 52Mbps upload

M125 (New Customers Only)

132Mb/s £24.00 per month,
View Deal
18 Months Minimum

M250 (New Customers Only)

264Mb/s £27.00 per month,
View Deal
18 Months Minimum

M350 (New Customers Only)

362Mb/s £33.00 per month,
View Deal
18 Months Minimum

M500 (New Customers Only)

516Mb/s £33.00 per month,
View Deal
18 Months Minimum

Gig1 (New Customers Only)

1136Mb/s £39.00 per month,
View Deal
18 Months Minimum

What are Virgin Media broadband bundles?

Virgin Media offer a lot of package deals that bundle your broadband, TV and phone all into one contract. These bundles can save you a lot of money if you're in the market for all these things and you can build them to suit your needs. I.e. you could bundle broadband and tv, broadband and phone or all three. 

So what are you getting? Well, the Virgin Media TV 360 box is a 4K-ready device with 100s of channels to choose from and enjoy. This alongside a super reliable broadband service is a great pairing for both gaming and general entertainment. Bundling all these items makes it less hassle for you, everything in one bill and there's a lot more space for good offers on bundles as opposed to paying for your TV, phone and broadband services individually. There are also options to add on premium packages when it comes to TV if you want access to more sports and movies etc.

You can even add a mobile SIM deal to your package if that is something you are in the market for.

Check out Virgin Media's broadband package bundles. Also, don't worry if you just want broadband for a smooth and fast gaming experience that's fine, there are plenty of broadband-only options which you can see in the deal rows above.

How can I check if I'm eligible for Virgin Media Broadband in my area?

It's really simple and straightforward to check if Virgin's fibre optic broadband services are available in your area. All you need to do is go to the Virgin Media broadband postcode checker, enter your postcode and it will tell you what packages you are eligible for and if the Virgin Media fibre optic broadband is available for your location.

Virgin Media Broadband Pros

      • Packages you can tailor to suit your needs
      • Reliable, fast speeds with a lot of options depending on how fast you can go.
      • Speeds exceeding 1Gbps with their top package allowing you to download games in no time at all. Ideal for the world of digital-only consoles we live in.
      • Widely available
      • Don't require a phone line for broadband.
      • Huge offering when it comes to TV channels and packages

Virgin Media Broadband Cons

    • Usually does have a £35 set-up cost (currently a deal on that means it is £0 until the 31st of May)
    • Not the cheapest option is definitely a cheaper way to get broadband.
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