Top Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

Top Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games

The Nintendo Switch has come a long way in the past few years when it comes to its multiplayer offerings. Early on in the consoles life cycle, there was definitely a reputation for Nintendo Switch Online being quite rickety and unreliable but it’s fair to say that is now a lot more stable. This now makes it a very competitive way to play games online and has one of the strongest offerings in terms of local multiplayer thanks to the innovative joy-cons.

Most online games on the Nintendo Switch require a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service, however free-to-play games such as Fortnite do not. In addition to being able to play your games online, you also get access to a category of NES and SNES games to enjoy when you fancy something a bit more retro (some of which are multiplayer). Furthermore, Nintendo’s online subscription is significantly cheaper than the Playstation / Xbox online offerings and we think it’s definitely worth the asking price if you’re interested in playing your Switch games multiplayer. Check out cheap deals on Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions here.

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Snes games



Nintendo Switch multiplayer can be taken advantage of in two main ways, one being the aforementioned online the other being couch/local co-op. There’s nothing better than laughing in the faces of your adversaries as you blue shell them in Mario Kart, but it’s still really quite satisfying online as well. Today we’re going to be talking about the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games covering both local and online multiplayer. So in no particular order let’s get into it.




Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Warframe

Warframe was released on the Nintendo Switch back in 2018 with a port that in all honesty defied logic. The online aspects of this game alongside the speed of its gameplay just didn’t seem compatible with Nintendo Switch but Panic Button pulled a true master class with this port. 

Warframe is a cooperative PVE shooter where you shoot and carve your way through hordes of enemies with a huge array of weapons controlling different Warframes as you do so. The game is always being updated with more and more content, oh and it’s free! Thus you don’t need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and there’s not really any reason not to give it a go. The developers are also planning to add cross-save and cross-progression which are very welcome additions. For all these reasons and more this is one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games.



Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is hands down one of the best games on Nintendo Switch, so much so we don’t know how Nintendo will top it with it's successor. As a result, it’s automatically one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games, there’s just so much replayability here and so much fun to be had with friends and family. 

You can play solo, split-screen with two players or jump online into global/regional rooms to race and battle with other karters. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is an easy to pick up and play kart racer for anyone but has plenty of depth to allow for you to become an indomitable racing monster (until you get hit with a shell and lose all composure). A very easy recommendation for a multiplayer game you should pick up!


Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Fortnite

Epic’s behemoth flagship game Fortnite continues to dominate the battle royale scene with its regular updates and cross-overs with huge brands such as Marvel. The Nintendo Switch version whilst running at lower fidelity and slightly lower frame rates compared to other consoles/PC but is still perfectly fine and comes with the benefit of being able to play portably as long as you have an internet connection. Similar to Warframe this game is free-to-play so requires no online subscription, so climb out the battle bus and experience one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games.

Tetris 99

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Tetris 99

So if you’re not into shooter but fancy another battle-royale Tetris 99 might be for you as you battle to be the last grand-master standing knocking out other players in rapid succession. Tetris 99 is no joke and from playing it I found out people are far far better at Tetris than I am, but even in my valiant defeats I still had a lot of fun, it’s the taking part that counts right? 

Tetris 99 is a free addition with the Nintendo Switch Online package thus meaning if you’re already a member you can give this a download or maybe it’ll influence your purchasing decision. So get your tetrominoes at the ready and jump into one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games available on NSO (Nintendo Switch Online).

Monster Hunter Rise

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Monster Hunter Rise

It’s no secret amongst the Gaming Deals team that I am a huge fan of Monster Hunter. The gameplay loop of defeating these beautiful and terrifying monsters to upgrade your gear is one that just never gets old for me. Monster Hunter Rise is definitely the friendliest of the series to newcomers and is a fantastic place to start. The game is always being updated with new events to try and unlock special gear with cross-overs with other games like Sonic keeping things fresh. Furthermore, the expansion Monster Hunter: Sunrise will be coming sometime in Summer 2022. 

This game is great solo but even better online with up to 4-player co-op which allows you to team up and hunt together. I have to say from my personal experience the online was completely faultless on Nintendo Switch, it was so easy to jump into lobbies of both my friends and randoms and it is easily one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games.

Mario Party Superstars

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Mario Party Superstars

Mario Party saw its latest release a couple of months ago with Mario Party Superstars which brought back a collection of classic boards from the Nintendo 64. A great local co-op game as everyone just grabs a joy-con to play; however, be sure this game is not for the faint of heart. If you’re ready to test the relationships of your friends and loved ones this game is the way to do it. Don’t be surprised to discover yourself cheering at their misfortune or succumbing to their mocks and taunts depending on what side of the dice you land on. In all seriousness, though these games are easily one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games even if they do bring out the worst in us.

Rocket League

Top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games Rocket League

Boiled down to its purest form Rocket League is simply football with rocket-powered cars. Need I say more? Oh it’s free to play too so no NSO subscription is required, why aren’t you downloading it yet? Really great game, with an incredible skill ceiling for those willing to put in the hard work. Has several options for online game modes such as quick matches or ranked if you wanna battle through. There’s plenty to unlock here with different cars and customisation options and also a seasonal system that you can buy into if you’re willing to spend some cash on the game. Nevertheless, an easy recommendation as one of the top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games.

So that concludes our list of top Nintendo Switch multiplayer games! I’m sure there is some that I’ve missed so why don’t you let me know down below if you disagree or think I’ve made some glaring omissions. Also I've added below the best deals across the options for Nintendo Switch Online memberships.

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