To Kanto and back again - Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 2

To Kanto and back again - Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 2

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Editors Note: This is the second diary in a 5 day Pokémon face-off between fellow Console Deal colleagues Nat & Gaz. Check out the guys first day's progress, as they arrived in Kanto here.

A Tale of Two Gamers, Pokemon Red/Blue Challenge Day 2

Nat: Day 2

Nat, the City Slicker

I head North to Pewter City, with nothing interesting happening apart from a few battles (eating into precious time!!!). Along the way, I have time to reflect on many things; how Pokemon and man live together in harmony in this world, how eye contact seems to be frowned upon in Kanto, and how if Donald Trump were to build a wall in this region, could I jump it if I was heading south?

First to reach a gym, first to hold a badge!

When I get to Pewter City, I enter the town's gym and come up against a bloke called Brock, who has rock type Pokemon. He looks familiar. But whatever, this should be easy enough with my water type.

I erode all his Pokemon in no time at all, and get rewarded for my efforts!

caption id="attachment_4271" align="alignnone" width="800"

I'm the proud father of a Wartortle! I'm the proud father of a Wartortle!


I decided to head East towards Cerulean City, where I come across Mount Moon. Let me tell you now, this place is a nightmare, and even with all the escape ropes that happen to just by lying around by the entrance, I know I'm in for a rough time.

It's in Mount Moon that I come across a blood sucking parasite. No, not Gaz, it's a Zubat. All thoughts of animal rights go out the window as I look to shove this beautiful creature into a pokeball a fraction of its size.

caption id="attachment_4272" align="alignnone" width="800"

What do you know, another Zubat... What do you know, another Zubat...


Then my time runs out. Day 2 is down and I have 3 Pokémon to my name, including an evolution, as well as a shiny gym badge!

Beat that, Gaz!

Gaz: Day 2

Gaz finally makes it outta town, before heading straight back...

After fully recharging the 3DS and my own batteries overnight, I head back into the world of Kanto aiming to make some serious progress, I have a lot of ground to make up on Nat. I soon learn that I was seconds away from Pokémon numero uno the previous day, as the Prof. (along with his spoilt brat of a relation, Nat) prompt me to pick my starter.

The decision requires serious thought, mainly as I tactically try to second guess Nat’s choice and pick a type that counters it. Eventually, I settle for the first Pokémon that I accidentally press “Yes” on, and my PokéCount grows to 1.

I fail to think of anything witty to apply as a nickname. Welcome on board, Bulbasaur.

My spoilt brat of a rival chooses Charmander, and promptly offers me and my new pet into the ring to test things out.

caption id="attachment_4273" align="alignnone" width="800"

My first Pokémon. A tearful moment. My first Pokémon. A tearful moment.


My one-man band becomes a duo, and we set out into the world, attempting the grab the leftover Squirtle from the table on my way out - something that doesn’t go down well with Prof.

We retrace our steps North and finally enter the tall grass.

It’s not long before we’re sprung upon by a wild Pokémon, and my heart skips a beat: it’s a wild Pidgey, surely one of the most magnificent Pokémon around.

Remembering we still haven’t received any Poké Balls, it’s a straight up choice between fight and flight. We decide to beat the beast into a pulp for the XP. The RSCPA will never know.

caption id="attachment_4274" align="alignnone" width="800"

Our first encounter. It's nearly over before it begins. Our first encounter. It's nearly over before it begins.


It’s a disaster and we barely make it out alive. We push on, coming up against a rowdy bunch of Ratata and a Spearow which forces us to run after nearly one-shotting us with its signature move - Peck.

We limp into the Poké Centre, with barely a shred of health left. Rather than administer any actual aid, the local vet just bounces my Pokemon on a weird machine for a couple of seconds. How did she ever get a job?

Weirdly, my Pokemon recovers instantly, and we explore the surrounding town, quickly finding what looks like the local Costcutter. The till operator notifies us we’re required for an errand - take a delivery back to Professor Oak.

We solemnly trudge back to Pallet Town to hand Oak his goods, depressingly closer to home than we’ve been all day.

Day 2 summary: Pokémon - 1. Poké Balls - n/a.

Find out how the guys get on in Day 3!

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