September’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

September’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

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September was already set to be a month stacked with great games, but now the month’s selection of subscription freebies has been revealed, too. The decision of what to spend your time playing has never been more difficult. Luckily, Xbox and PlayStation aren’t pulling any punches with September’s selection of PS Plus and Games with Gold titles. Both services have a smattering of free games to try for anyone subscribed, and it’s in this post where we’ll be covering them all. Events kick off from September 1st onwards, so let’s take a look…

Games with Gold for September 2021

Last month was famously pretty decent for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. September isn’t quite as exciting, we’d say, but there’s still an eclectic mix sure to whet someone’s appetite. These range from Diablo-like dungeon crawler Warhammer Chaosbane (Xbox) and Zone of the Enders HD collection (Xbox 360) on September 1st, closely followed two weeks later by indie platformer Mulaka (Xbox) and arcade fighting classic Samurai Showdown II (Xbox 360). It’s a solid if rather safe line-up.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in September:

Warhammer: Chaosbane: Players wanting to hack and slash their way through many a dungeon whilst looting new gear and weapons will love Warhammer: Chaosbane. Set in the titular board game universe, you and friends must work as a team as one of four classes, rising up to face the endless hordes as you try to save the land. It’s been enhanced for next-gen consoles, so those with a Series S|X will enjoy the best version of Chaosbane from September 1st onwards.

Mulaka: Inspired by Northern Mexican myths and mythology, Mulaka is a whimsical indie platformer that places you in the role of an indigenous tribe member who must traverse vibrant landscapes. The visuals might be rather low-fi, but this is more than made up for by a luscious colour palette, fun platform challenges and the excitement to discover. It’s free to download as part of Games with Gold from September 15th onwards. Don’t miss out on this indie gem from just a couple years back.

Zone of the Enders HD Collection: Players with a fondness for all things metal and robotic will be pleased to see Zone of the Enders HD Collection included as part of September’s Games with Gold selection. Collecting the original Zone of the Enders and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner, this Xbox 360 update features updated and enhanced visuals for both cult classic action titles. Large-scale mech warfare has never looked or played better.

Samurai Shodown II: Originally released for the Neo Geo and other consoles way back when in 1994, Samurai Shodown II eventually got an updated Xbox 360 release, which now makes its way to Games with Gold. It’s the perfect fix for those craving a classic-style arcade fighting game, with SNK having iterated on the original’s formula to add new gameplay changes like the ability to roll forward and back. AiSuch mechanics make Samurai Shodown II as timeless to play as when it first released.

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