Review: The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a solid Xbox gamepad solution

Review: The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller is a solid Xbox gamepad solution

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Judging by the products from them we’ve been fortunate to review in the past, Nacon is one of those accessories manufacturers that rarely puts a foot wrong. That’s why, for the most part, it should come as no surprise to learn that the same is largely true with regards to the Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller for Xbox consoles. It’s Nacon’s latest attempt at wooing over Xbox Series S | X owners, taking a unique performance-led approach to offer pro gamers comfortable ergonomics and wholly customisable gameplay options.

Nacon Revolution X Pro – Style

The Revolution X Pro makes a great first impression when first taking it out of the box, coming presented in a stylish hard-shell case that also offers extras storage (for the accompanying USB-to-USB-C cable and interchangeable weights) in addition to protection. It sports a retro-looking, almost boomerang style design that’s less reminiscent of the Xbox One controller and more so a DualShock 4. That said, it still sets well in the hands and looks extremely sleek thanks to the matte black colouring all over. Nacon controllers – especially Xbox ones – do have a habit of making the alphabetical face buttons look a bit too glaring, but here they mostly sit in well despite each’s bold red, blue, yellow, and green colour. As already mentioned, the Nacon Revolution X Pro mostly punts for an understated aesthetic ideal for those with a launch-model Xbox Series. Turn the gamepad over, however, and there is some semblance of colour thanks to silver accents indicating the controller’s four back buttons (more on those later) and profile switching buttons. Overall, this isn’t an Xbox gamepad solution primed to wow anyone, opting more for function and form over fashion. Speaking of which…

Nacon Revolution X Pro – Functionality

As a wired-only controller, we know that the Revolution X Pro will have already started off on the wrong footing for a specific subset of Xbox players. However, look beyond the need to stay tethered to your console at all time, and it packs a boatload of expert-level features sure to suit any pro gamer. Much like some other “Pro” controller options from Nacon, picking this up also grants you access to an app from the Windows store. It’s here where you can adjust shortcut commands, assign the function for the Nacon’s four back buttons, and set up a specific gameplay profile depending on what you’re playing. Switching between these profiles is as simple as tapping the dedicated “Profile” button at the back.

Moving away from the Revolution X app integration, and on the controller itself lies a great amount of different functionality and performance options. You have the four programmable buttons as mentioned, of course, though interestingly “S2” and “S4” are both situated on the gamepad’s grips. This is a marked difference compared to some other Pro controller solutions, which try too hard to squeeze so much onto the controller’s back. Nacon have done much better here, with all four back buttons offering a satisfying click for feedback where there’s no danger of pushing them accidentally.

When first taking it out of the box, you might be at risk of thinking that the Revolution X Pro feels cheap due to how light it is. Look a little closer, though, and one of its big features is the ability to include variable weights within the grips on both the left and right side. They’re fairly straightforward to insert after you’ve done it a couple times, and there are three weights – 10g, 14g, and 16g – to choose from.

Nacon Revolution X Pro – Comfort

The controller’s adjustable weight also feeds into the comfort factor. If you prefer a heavier feel in the hands, for instance, the Nacon Revolution X Pro can be tailored to perfectly suit. Weight adjustment won’t affect the overall ergonomics, however, but luckily it makes a good impression providing you’re okay having to use a wired connection – luckily the braided USB cable is a generous length. We used the controller during a 4/5-hour play session with the 15g weights inserted and didn’t experience any discomfort. 

If there’s a slight drawback to the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller from a comfort perspective, it’s that it doesn’t really do much to impress in terms of tactility. Reaching the RB and LB buttons on the gamepad’s shoulders always felt like a little bit of a stretch, and it could be annoying whenever we wanted to reloaded in Gears of War or toss a grenade in Halo: Infinite. Those with slightly smaller hands might find it less of an issue. Yet even then, it was an issue easily resolved for us as we just assigned those functions to the Revolution X Pro’s programmable buttons on the back. Overall is it as comfy to hold as, say, the Xbox Elite Series 2? Sadly not, but then this controller won’t break the bank.

Nacon Revolution X Pro – Price

You can pick up the Nacon Revolution X Pro controller here in the UK for roughly £89.99, positioning it somewhere between the mid- and high-end market of “pro” level gamepads. It might seem a bit high considering that this is a wired solution (a tactic used to keep costs down, historically) but when you include such built-in features as adjustable weight, 3D sound compatibility, and removable thumbsticks, we’d say it’s mostly a fair price.

Verdict: 3/5

The Nacon Revolution X Pro Controller for Xbox and PC is a solid gamepad solution for anyone looking to step up their game. It boasts a relatively straightforward style, true, and it might not suit especially large hands, but it more than makes up for those minor drawbacks with satisfying feedback and the ability to adjust how it feels to hold in the hands. Other “Pro” controllers out there offer more adjustment, but for this price the Revolution X Pro packs a decent punch.

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