PS5 Pro: What We Know, in February 2024. Rumours, Specs, Price and more

PS5 Pro: What We Know, in February 2024. Rumours, Specs, Price and more

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While the current PS5 continues to capture hearts and dominate the console market, whispers of a more potent "Pro" model have been growing louder for months. But what concrete information do we possess about this potential upgrade? Let's explore the confirmed details, the latest leaks, and everything else swirling around the PS5 Pro.

Current PS5 Pro Rumours

Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming has eluded that the PS5 Pro is 100% in development but that it could be cancelled at any time. He also suggests that it's highly likely 1st party developers will be receiving dev kits for the PS5 Pro imminently to begin testing the tech. If this is the case then a schedule of an end-of-2024 release date would line up.

PC Gamer have reported that the PS5 Pro may take advantage of an all-in-one AMD Zen 2 CPU chip with 8 cores and 16 threads with a clock speed of 4.4GHz which is 0.9 Ghz higher than the standard PS5. The GPU will be seeing some of the largest changes which is to be expected as it is rumoured to come with a custom-designed AMD GPU based on the RDNA 3 and RDNA 4 architecture will almost double the shaders of the old RDNA2 GPU seen in the original PS5. This new GPU may potentially have Ray Tracing capabilities seen in the 7000 series AMD cards also which would be very welcome on a new PS5 Pro console. There are also rumblings of an integrated AI processor that would allow for machine learning upscaling essentially providing a better image with less power, similar to how NVIDIA's DLSS works and AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution. These are all rumours and nothing concrete here regarding potential tech specs for the PS5 Pro.

Mark Illing PS5 Pro Concept
(PS5 Pro Concept Image Credit Mark Illing)

What We Know About The PS5 Pro:

  • Mum's the Word from Sony: Despite rampant rumours, Sony remains tight-lipped about the PS5 Pro, leaving room for speculation but no official confirmation. Keep in mind Sony only unveiled the PS5 Slim around 2 months before release so just because it isn't official doesn't mean its necessarily far away.
  • Possible Release Window: Leaks hint at a launch window between November 2024 and December 2024. However, these are unconfirmed estimates, and delays are always a possibility.
  • Power Surge Under the Hood: Whispers suggest upgraded components like a beefier GPU, a more robust CPU, and zippier RAM. This could translate to higher resolutions, smoother frame rates, and maybe even native 8K support.

What's Still a Mystery:

  • Price Tag in the Dark: Without official confirmation, the price remains a guessing game. Expect it to be higher than the current PS5, but by how much is anyone's guess, we have some thoughts on this later in the article.
  • Design Enigma: Will it resemble its current sibling, or will it sport a fresh look? We have no official images or details to satisfy our curiosity.
  • Launch Titles on the Horizon?: Are there exclusive games planned to grace the PS5 Pro at launch? This information remains under wraps.
  • Current PS5's Fate: The PS5 Slim has already pretty much entirely replaced the original PS5. We expect for the PS5 Slim and PS5 Pro to co-exist as they serve two different types of PlayStation gamers. A PS5 Pro being released could hopefully least to significant discounts to the PS5 Slim console.

Should you wait for the PS5 Pro?

If you crave the latest and greatest tech, waiting for the PS5 Pro might be tempting. However, consider these factors. PS5 Pro will most likely face stock shortages at launch similar to what the original PS5 did at launch. We doubt it'll be as challenging to snag as that console was but it most certainly won't be as easy to acquire as the PS5 Slim was at launch. The new PS5 Pro is also going to be more expensive than the older models due to its improved hardware and capabilities; if you want cutting-edge tech you're going to have to pay for it. There's also a great selection of games available on the PS5 with more and more being exclusive to the console and not being launched on the older PS4 console. Ultimately, the decision hinges on your individual needs and priorities. If you can't wait for the potential performance boost and future possibilities, the current PS5 is still a fantastic choice. However, if cutting-edge tech is your jam and you're willing to wait (and potentially pay more), the PS5 Pro might be worth holding out for.

PS5 Pro Price Prediction

While predicting the exact price is impossible, looking at past console pro models can offer some guidance on what we can expect:

  • PS4 Pro: Launched at £349, the same price as the PS4 at launch, however when it launched the PS4 Slim was available for £259 making it £90 more than the Slim.
  • Xbox One X: Launched at £449, £20 more than the original Xbox One at launch which was £429.00 (this came with the Kinect). However, the Xbox One S was available for just £249 when the One X launched meaning it was a massive £200 cheaper.

In the previous generation Pro models typically cost a very similar amount to their launch prices. This means we could potentially see the RRP of the PS5 Pro be the same as the PS5 and PS5 Slim consoles which is £479. However, we would think this unlikely with this generation the PS5 has got more expensive since its launch with it increasing from £449 to £479 back in August of 2022. Also if you look at the data above you'll see that the Pro model tends to always be a lot more expensive than the current "Slim" or less powerful counterpart.  This means as we approach a potential release of the PS5 Pro with global inflation/increased production costs could lead to a more powerful console incurring a higher price. Generally more powerful hardware also garners a higher price, if the PS5 Slim stays at £479 there's little to no chance of the PS5 Pro releasing at that same price. It's also important to note that price will be affected by market competition and what Xbox in particular do with their next console offerings. Although Sony has typically had the more expensive consoles this generation they're far far ahead of Microsoft on sales. With all this in mind, what are the potential scenarios?

Best Case/Unrealistic: PS5 Pro launches at £479, maintaining the standard PS5/PS5 Slim price.
Most Likely: Priced between £529 and £579, reflecting inflation and upgrades.
Worst Case: Exceeds £579 due to significant hardware improvements and global factors.
Remember: These are just educated guesses based on available information. The final price will depend on Sony's internal strategies and market conditions at the time of launch. It's also worth noting that the PS5 already received a price hike recently due to global inflation. This could factor into the Pro model's pricing as well.

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