PS4 Slim Leak: Real or Fake?

What do you think?

The first sighting of the PS4 slim, the console to rival the Xbox One S has been spotted online. Seen by Twitter user @shortmaneighty2, the console was found on Gumtree, the free UK classified ads site.

Three ads on Gumtree were also found by multiple NeoGAF users, as well as PushSquare and Kotaku. Although the ads have since been removed, @shortmaneighty2 claimed to have bought one of the consoles for just £295, adding his own photos to the growing collection.

Is the console real or fake? There are arguments for both sides.


By now, everyone knows that Sony has called a PlayStation Meeting for early September.

While the announcement of PS4 Neo is expected, there aren't many that would be surprised with the arrival of a PS4 slim too. The recent release of the Xbox One S smashed Microsoft's sales predictions, so it stands to reason that Sony will be looking to remain in the public eye by competing with their long-term rivals.

If Sony is planning to release the PS4 slim as soon as it is revealed, then retailers will need stock in advance, which means leaks are inevitable.

Additionally, the images that have been posted have stood up to intense scrutiny. If they are Photoshopped, and we believe they aren't, they've been done incredibly well. Additionally, the images that have been posted have stood up to intense scrutiny. If they are Photoshopped - and we believe they aren't - they've been done incredibly well.

To further add to the speculation, this story has been picked up by very respectable outlets, such as Polygon, Kotaku, Wall Street Journal and Eurogamer. Each site would have carried out due diligence and fact checking on the story before publishing. None of these sites have outright claimed that they believe this console to be a fake.


We've yet to see evidence of this console powered on, which is surprising as you think that would be one of the first things the owner of the console would do. The closest we have got is this:

With the veracity of this story in doubt, it does seem strange to arrange for someone to do videos and pictures of the PS4 slim when you have already provided a number of images. However, it is fair to say that a lot of people are making demands of shortman82, and he doesn't owe an answer to anyone; indeed if he were to respond to all the questions he would never find time to enjoy his new console.

While the images may not have been photoshopped, this doesn't mean the console is legit. The rise of 3d printers has allowed people to create all sorts of wonderful creations, and this could just be one of those.

The main thing that throws doubt onto the validity of these claims is the source. Are we really to believe that the first sighting of the PS4 slim was a classified post from Manchester on Gumtree? And the seller was only looking for £295? Bear in mind that a gamer in America was happy to pay $1,250 to get a copy of No Man's Sky before its official release.

We'll keep you updated as this story develops.

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