Update: The price and design of the Xbox Series S has been confirmed by Microsoft

Update: The price and design of the Xbox Series S has been confirmed by Microsoft

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Update: Microsoft has now confirmed that both the price and design of the Xbox Series S is legitimate as evidenced in the Twitter post below:

The original story is as follows...

Original Post: Only in the games industry could we get as many Xbox Series S leaks as this and still have Microsoft not yet comment on its existence. The apparent price and design for Microsoft’s entry-level next-gen console leaked in the early hours of this morning, confirmed to be $299 – the same RRP as the current Xbox One S.

We have journalist Brad Sams to thank for this very real-looking leak, who released the image of the Series S’s much more pared-back and thinner design compared to the fridge-looking Xbox Series X. The Series S itself doesn’t look too dissimilar to the design of the Xbox One S currently on store shelves, boasting a pure white tone with a large, circular black vent on the side. In aesthetic alone, it seems like keeping the Xbox Series X cool won’t be a problem.

So how do we know that Sams isn’t fibbing? Well, aside from the extremely professional marketing imagery and leaked edited trailer, a tweet from the official Xbox Twitter account posted the following:

Need we say more?

The Xbox Series S design and price point leak comes mere weeks after the Xbox Series X’s controller hit the market earlier than expected in America, where the packaging made explicit mention of a not-so mysterious ‘S’ model. Microsoft is still set to debut a new digital showcase in at the end of September in honour of Tokyo Game Show, but you have to imagine they won’t leave it that long to acknowledge today’s Xbox Series S leak.

The $299 price point confirms the rumours that it will be designed for players not needing the most powerful console ever to play their games. Another article published by Windows Central states that this will be the case, in addition to the Series X being priced at $499. Windows Central’s sources also claim that both the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X will release this November 10th.

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