The game is afoot - Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 1

The game is afoot - Pokémon Red/Blue Challenge, Day 1

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Editors Note: This is the first diary in a 5 day Pokémon face-off between fellow Console Deal colleagues Nat & Gaz. Who will win? Let the games commence...

A Tale of Two Gamers, Pokemon Red/Blue Challenge Day 1

Nat: Day 1

Nat awakes in Kanto...

I woke up in my bedroom, and head downstairs. I know exactly what I need to do, and I need to do it as quickly as possible to get the edge over my rival Gaz.

I know that Gaz is a bit of a noob, so when it came to choosing my starter Pokemon, I went for the tactical choice. It's obvious he will pick Charmander (because he’s the “cool” starter Pokémon) so I pick Squirtle. I'm confident I'm already well ahead in the stakes to become the best Pokemon trainer in the world in the office.

I obviously don’t name him because that would be a waste of time, and he is just a bunch of pixels. I can't afford any emotional attachment, it eats into my precious seconds.

As soon as I picked up the Pokeball, I rushed out the door to get as far as I possibly could in the given time.

caption id="attachment_4252" align="alignnone" width="800"

Nat test drives his new Pokémon Nat test drives his new Pokémon


I rushed through the tall grass to Viridian City, and I found a Poké Ball on the way there. I decided to use it pretty quickly because I’m an idiot and I forgot that there are Pokemon which only have one useless move until they level up. Let's just hope the final battle isn't Kakuna vs Metapod or else this will have all been a big fail.

After battling a bunch of other Pokemon, who kept getting in my way (do they not understand I am in a rush!!!) I finally got to Viridian City.

I took my Pokemon to the Pokecenter and saved the game. 

caption id="attachment_4253" align="alignnone" width="800"

Nat ends day 1 with 2 Pokémon My new Pokemon team


Gaz: Day 1

Gaz just about makes it out of his house..

I’m bizarrely shrunk in size and thrown into what appears to be a bedroom. There’s some serious feng shui going on, with little more than a bed and a retro games console. I half expect to see a toilet and fridge in the corner. Oh awesome, a SNES! I fire up the retro console and settle down to some serious gaming. The minutes slip by before I remember I have more pressing matters at hand, and head for the stairs.

caption id="attachment_4261" align="alignnone" width="800"

Time flies when you're having fun... Time flies when you're having fun...


I’m greeted by “MOM”, who appears severely detached from reality, gleefully sending her young child off into the cruel, heartless world filled with killer monsters, just because the TV told her to. Her parting advice? My adventure starts next door. Thanks, MOM.

I leave the house and into a small village - Pallet Town - complete with a few wandering strangers. I instantly head north, spying some long grass. Before I make it more than 10 feet, I’m accosted by an old man in a full length mac calling himself a professor who drags me back into his house. I dismiss this as odd remembering we’re not in Kansas anymore, and follow him inside.

caption id="attachment_4262" align="alignnone" width="800"

I could end it all, right here, right now. I could end it all, right here, right now.


The moment I enter his humble abode, everything unexpectedly fades to black and my 3DS XL becomes an unresponsive brick. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Day 1 summary: Pokémon - 0. Poké Balls - n/a. Battery - 0%.

Check out how the guys do on day 2.

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