Plusnet Broadband for Gaming

Plusnet Broadband for Gaming

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In an ever-increasingly digital world, good internet is high on the list of priorities, especially for gamers. Whether you're an online gamer or a single-player enthusiast a fast reliable internet connection only enhances the hobby. Downloading games faster so you're not waiting around and not being disconnected during those critical ranked games are just a few things that make it worth investing in a faster broadband package.

Here at GamingDeals, we've been exploring different Broadband providers, weighing up their pros and cons whilst looking at the deals available on their packages in order to convey that information to you so you can make an informed decision on which broadband provider works best for you. Today we're looking at Plusnet, often revered for their extremely competitive pricing; so let's take a look at their deals and see if they're a good option for your gaming broadband. Oh and by the way we already have a best gaming broadband article covering more providers for you, if you want to see more options.

Why should you choose Plusnet for gaming broadband?

Plusnet boasts a number of accolades including Uswitch's most popular broadband provider of 2022, and the most reliable broadband provider at the Choose Broadband awards. They're a popular option with wide-spread availability when it comes to broadband with a range of speeds and options.

Plusnet's main selling point is their price, they're considerably cheaper than competitors like Virgin and BT whilst providing a competitive service. In times past Plusnet did not offer the fastest speeds which may have put gamers off but now they have both a 500 and 900 Mb/ps package meaning they're up there with the other broadband providers now and these packages are more than enough for the avid gamer. All their packages are also unlimited so don't expect any pesky caps on your download speeds. Plusnet also prides itself on having extremely good customer service, a rarity with some broadband providers and is not something to be overlooked. If you have an issue with your internet being able to actually get it resolved quickly and speak to your provider with ease is a major positive. There is also no requirement for a phone line with Plusnet which may be relevant for some of you.

Plusnet Broadband Deals

We're going to be focusing on Plusnet's fibre deals as these are the most relevant to gamers. Avoid ADSL connections if you can, they're extremely outdated at this point and the speeds are just not fast or reliable enough for gaming. Even with the cheapest and lowest speed (74Mb) on Plusnet's fibre offerings is going to be decent for gaming. While you won't be downloading games as rapidly it's still not going to take you days to download a triple-A title. When it comes to choosing a package you need to weigh up a few things. One is what's actually available to you at your location, you can find this out using Plusnet's broadband postcode checker. Furthermore, it's basically a price vs. benefit analysis of do you think you as a gamer will get the value of spending more on a faster broadband package. Faster speeds are just better, it's a great quality of life for gaming but of course, the faster packages are more expensive. But one advantage of Plusnet is that their pricing is very good, meaning faster speeds may be more affordable than other broadband providers. Also, once you've had 900Mb internet believe me when I say you won't want to go back to a slower connection. However, Plusnet's mid-tier packages will offer you fast enough speeds to enjoy streaming 4K and gaming uninterrupted whilst cutting that cost down a bit. The current deals on offer also affect this decision, Plusnet will change prices and highlight certain deals at different times so you can sometimes get a faster package at a reduced price which could be the biting point for a lot of folks. With that said let's take a look at Plusnet's current deals.

Package Info

Full Fibre 74

36Mb Download Speed

24 Month Contract


Full Fibre 145

145Mb Download Speed

24 Month Contract


Full Fibre 300

300 Mb Download Speed

24 Month Contract


Full Fibre 500

500Mb Download Speed

24 Month Contract


Full Fibre 900

900 Mb Download Speed

24 Month Contract


Plusnet Broadband Pros

  • Great speeds at a reasonable price
  • Some of the cheapest broadband available
  • Have fantastic customer support
  • No activation fee for most packages
  • Do not require a phoneline
  • Fibre options to suit all needs from 74Mb up to 900Mb
  • Often run deals and discounts on their packages making them even more competitive

Plusnet Broadband Cons

  • Not as many packages as other broadband providers
  • Lack of bundle options with TV, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate etc. which is often offered by other broadband providers
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