Nintendo announce third LABO kit

Nintendo announce third LABO kit

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We've mentioned several times that the naming convention of the first two LABO sets - 001 and 002 - suggested that Nintendo would be releasing a lot more of their cardboard kits.

Well, we've now got confirmation of a third kit, and it looks like it could be the best yet:

Named the Vehicle Kit, the new Toy-Con kit enables you to make three new designs; a steering wheel with a pedal, a flight stick and a dual-wheeled propeller controller. Respectively, these three sets enable you to drive a car, fly a plane and pilot a propeller-powered submarine.
Each model has a slot in which a 'Toy-Con Key' that contains one of the Switch's Joy-Con controllers can be inserted. This key then enables the cardboard models to translate to the gameplay. From the trailer, the key appears to have been designed so that it can be swapped in and out of the three models on the fly, as the player transitions from road to sky to sea and back again.
In terms of complexity, these three kits look about on a par with most of the kits found in LABO 001, the Variety Kit, save for the intricate piano kit. None of the three models look as complicated as the LABO 002 Robot Kit.
We're not yet sure what this kit will require in terms of software. From the trailer, all three kits appear to work with one game. Nintendo will almost certainly sell this new kit with the required software. What isn't clear if those who have already bought kit 001 or 002 will be able to buy the kit without the software and update their existing game (saving quite a bit in the process).
The new kit arrives on September 14th, and you can browse great deals on the other LABO kits here.
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