New Night Ops Camo and Sport Blue Xbox One Controllers arrive in Autumn

It being Gamescom week, it was almost an inevitability for some sort of new hardware to be announced in between all the new trailers and gameplay demos. This eventually came to fruition during last night’s Inside Xbox pre-show, where Microsoft announced two new Xbox One Controller designs: Sport Blue and Night Ops Camo. Both will cost around £60 and release 16th Sept and 8th Oct, respectively.

Sport Blue should have arguably been a no-brainer, perfectly primed to sit alongside the Sport Red and Sport White controller designs that have already been released. Chelsea and Everton fans everywhere rejoice! Like its sporty predecessors, the Sport Blue Xbox One controller features a rubberised grip, metallic D-pad and boasts an attractive dark and light colour contrast.

Night Ops Camo, on the other hand, offers a new spin on the classic army camouflage aesthetic. Gone, however, is the digital camo look that’s commonly seen in most accessory designs today, instead replaced by a more rugged and urban pattern that harkens back to the days of the 1990s utilities. The inherently dark palette features a mix of black, grey and gold splashes, neatly tying into the controller’s textured grip and metallic D-pad.

Both new Xbox One controllers can be pre-ordered already. The question is: Are they pushing your buttons?

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