How to get a free Xbox Series X|S console with your mobile phone contract

How to get a free Xbox Series X|S console with your mobile phone contract

Many of us are looking to get a great deal on one of the new-gen consoles - whether it be the Playstation 5 or one of Microsoft's Xbox Series X|S, a lot of buyers are finding it hard to get their hands on the consoles they want.

Obviously, this hasn't been helped by the global pandemic which has seen all of the new-gen consoles struggling with stock issues. The knock-on effect of this is that despite it being over a year since these consoles were released - there are still no significant discounts (even when the stock does become available).

With that in mind, we thought we'd take a look at a solution for how you can get your hands on a brand new Xbox Series X|S - for FREE as part of your mobile phone contract!

In this article, we’ll be covering all the respected networks currently offering a free Xbox Series X|S as part of a mobile phone contract as well as mobile phone companies that are offering an add to plan option with monthly costs. Here’s a detailed rundown of what’s available:

Current Mobile Phone deals bundled with Xbox Series X|S

Xbox Series S

  • Virgin Mobile is currently pushing a bundle for the Samsung Galaxy A13 bundled with the Xbox Series S console. This deal comes in at just £18 per month with just a £12.50 upfront cost.  Cracking deal!

  • O2, one of the biggest mobile networks in the world currently have many console bundles available as add-ons with their phone contracts: this includes the Xbox Series S. The add-on feature also includes a finance calculator meaning you can change the duration and monthly costs to suit your needs.

  • EE is offering a wide range of gaming bundles to bolt onto your existing phone contract for new and existing customers. EE's current Xbox Series S bundles include Game Pass Ultimate and Fortnite. You can add this to your regular mobile phone plan when you log into your account if you already have a mobile phone plan with EE.

  • Mobile Phones Direct are currently offering some of the latest iPhone, Samsung and Sony mobiles bundled with a free Xbox Series S. If you're after a console and a new mobile phone right now this deal is a no brainer.

Xbox Series X

Currently, we haven't spotted any phone deals including the Xbox Series X, this is most likely due to the stock issues that were ongoing. However stock is now beginning to stabilise so hopefully that will change in the near future. We will continue to check and regularly update this page, so remember to keep checking back.

  • EE are worth checking regularly if you're fixed on the Xbox Series X console. They have plans for new and existing customers on the Xbox Series X which allows you to grab the console with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Video Data Pass and unlimited gaming data for £10 upfront and £31 per month. You can add this to your regular mobile phone plan when you log into your account if you already have a mobile phone plan with EE.

Phone retailers to keep an eye on 

As well as regularly scouring the web for all the best video game price cuts and offers, we here at take note of retailers yet to offer appropriate bundles. However, that may change in future, so if you can’t find your perfect Xbox-related phone contract right now, it may be worth checking these in the future.

We’ll be sure to update this guide with all the latest offers as soon as things change. Leave any questions you might have on the subject in the comment section below.

Guide Last Updated: 6th May 2022

NB: The information in this guide does not constitute financial advice, always do your own research on top to ensure it's right for your specific circumstances. The content in our guide focuses on finance options and interest rates, not the level of service offered.

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