February’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

February’s Games with Gold and PS Plus titles have been revealed

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Though it’s somewhat hard to believe that February is already almost around the corner, being this close to the month’s end does mean that PS Plus and Games with Gold subscribers have lots of free games to look forward to. Both platforms look to be going all out for February, the month of romance, offering up a varied collection of titles that’s sure to satisfy fans of all genres. Microsoft in particular have included five games instead of the traditional four. Let’s see what’s in store…

Games with Gold for February 2021

As mentioned in the intro, Xbox has an extra special treat for Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the form of a 5th game. And while there’s a high chance that you will have already played the big Triple-A exclusive that’s included, the other four Games with Gold titles for February provide a good mix of genre and represent great value. It all kicks off on Feb 1st with the arrival of Gears 5, Resident Evil, and Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb. Then, two weeks later on Feb 16th, Gold subscribers can nab Dandara and Lost Planet 2 for free.

Here’s a brief breakdown of every Games with Gold title arriving in February:

Gears 5: Originally released in 2019 for Xbox One but now souped-up and improved to showcase the power of Xbox Series S|X, Gears 5 is an action-packed third-person shooter. As the next greatest entry into Xbox’s trademark exclusive series, it continues to trace protagonist Kait Diaz’s origins with the Swarm and reveals more about the ongoing future war. You may have already played it via Xbox Game Pass, but once redeemed as part of Gold Gears 5 is now yours to own. Be sure to grab it when it becomes available on February 1st.

Resident Evil: This remake of the original Resident Evil is based on the GameCube port, yet Xbox players can enjoy further visual enhancements that further brings the horror closer to home. You’ll explore a creepy mansion as STARS members Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, dodging dangerous flesh eaters and solving puzzles to unlock the setting’s many mysteries. It becomes available to download for Gold subscribers on February 1st for anyone that wants to re-experience the survival horror classic prior to Resident Evil Village’s release later this year.

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb: Available on both Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X as part of backwards compatibility, Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb first released on the original Xbox in 2003 but plays just as well today. Released on Xbox Live Gold to no doubt celebrate Bethesda’s announcement of a new title, if you’ve ever dreamed of roleplaying as the gruff treasure hunter you can now do so in an all-new action adventure. The story takes place before the events of Temple of Doom, canonically placing it first in the Indiana Jones timeline. Look forward to grab it on February 1st.

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition: If beautifully rendered metroidvanias are your thing, Dandara promises to be a pixel-perfect treat. You play as the titular character exploring areas and discovering secrets, all as you rise up as a heroine intent on saving a world that’s on the brink of collapse. The world of Salt is full of unique characters to help out and aid, and you’re perfectly positioned to do so thanks to Dandara’s platforming combat antics. Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition arrives on Games with Gold from February 16th, but it’s worth the wait.

Lost Planet 2: Lost Planet 2 from Capcom is very much born from the Monster Hunter mould, where teams of four players must ready up and take on gigantic enemies while working as a team. The difference, of course, is that it all takes place in a sci-fi setting. The ongoing battle for the titular planet’s thermal energy continues, but fighting for it is fun thanks to a range of different character types and a gamut of weapons available. Take on creatures both organic and metal when Lost Planet 2 comes to Gold on February 16th

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PS Plus games for February 2021

All of February’s PS Plus games have also been revealed ahead of time. PlayStation has been teasing one particular title, Destruction All-Stars, since before the PS5’s release date was announced, and now the time has come for PS Plus subscribers to jump in. It’s built entirely from the ground up for PlayStation 5 so promises to look a treat. Also out is another PS5 get in Control: Ultimate Edition (also playable on PS5) as well as PS4 treat Concrete Genie.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the known PS Plus titles coming in February:

Destruction All Stars: Placing emphasis on colourful car combat as well as dynamic combat from all 16 feature heroes, Destruction All Stars has the makings of your next online multiplayer fix on PlayStation. Tactics, skill and strategy are all key to being successful, causing vehicular destruction against your enemies to cause mayhem and be the last character standing. Each AllStar has their own unique set of wheels to take out for a spin, giving competitive players options when it comes to online car battles. Cause enough mayhem to power up your hero vehicle and make use of their abilities. Destruction All Stars comes to PlayStation Plus on February 2nd.

Control: Ultimate Edition: Originally released in 2019 as many outlet’s acclaimed GOTY, Control is now playable for PS4 and PS5 players in February as a PS Plus title. This is available for both PS4 and PS5 players to download, though it’s those on the latter platform that will see the most benefit. That’s because this is, in fact, Control: Ultimate Edition, which enhances the base game with a revamped Photo mode, all the DLC packs released thus far and new and improved visuals. If you’re into wacky and weird third-person action games, don’t miss Control: Ultimate Edition.

Concrete Genie: A somewhat underrated PS4 exclusive that came at the tail end of the console’s lifecycle, Concrete Genie casts you as young graffiti artist Ash, who must navigate a world of nightmares by creating art. It’s a whimsical tale from developer Pixelopus, and is notable for taking advantage of the Dualshock 4 and Dualsense controller’s motion controls. It received fairly positive reviews when it released at the end of 2019, so don’t miss out on this one when it becomes available as part of PS Plus this February 2nd.

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