EE Home Broadband for Gaming

EE Home Broadband for Gaming

For many of us, online gaming is one of the hobbies we enjoy most, spending our free time playing with friends and others across the globe with a huge range of different games and genres to enjoy.  Nowadays, having quick and reliable broadband is vital to ensure a smooth gaming experience.  Higher download speeds allow you to grab that next-gen game quicker and low latency connections give you that competitive edge in multiplayer gaming.  The PS5 and Xbox Series X have only heightened the necessity for fast and consistent internet with most Triple-A titles utilising 4K textures that only expand the ever-growing download size for the latest games.

When it comes to the best gaming broadband one of the top providers in the UK is EE Home Broadband, and we’re going to outline why as well as their current best broadband offers available across a range of price points and speeds to suit you.

Why should you choose EE Home Broadband?

Solid range of packages with unlimited data allowance

When it comes to EE Home Broadband one of the major advantages of their service is choice. Whether it’s a more affordable ADSL connection or full fibre gigabit internet EE provides a range of packages to cater for your needs.  Oh and don’t worry about data allowances, all EE Home Broadband packages offer uncapped, unlimited downloads ensuring you won’t be incurring additional fees when downloading those big games.

5G / 4G cellular options

EE 5G and 4G Routers

EE’s background is in cellular technology and providing mobile phone services so it will come as no shock that EE also offers mobile router options (4G or 5G speeds) that will connect to their cellular network, ideal if you are located in an area without fast fibre connectivity. The mobile router speeds offered are impressive, up to 110Mb/s for 5G connectivity and 31Mb/s for the 4G network. Please keep in mind that not all EE Mobile broadband plans are unlimited in data allowance, therefore you may want to be careful when downloading those huge next-gen games.  

Great discounts for existing EE Mobile customers

If you're already an EE mobile customer there are some great extra perks for you.  The packages are reduced in price by 10% and an additional 20GB of mobile data allowance is added to your existing mobile contract, nice!  

Also, the Full Fibre Max 500 and Gigabit packages are bundled with 6 months or 12 months of free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Perfect for those of you who game on Xbox and PC, opening up a tonne of games from first-party Xbox exclusives to triple-A third-party titles. With these faster packages, you'll also be downloading your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate titles in no time.

EE Home Broadband Deals

EE’s wide range of broadband deals varies from ADSL broadband to much faster fibre broadband packages. Below we will outline each of EE’s offerings with the currently available best deals and what download/upload speeds to accept.  Make sure to utilise the EE Home Broadband postcode checker to see if you’re eligible for their broadband packages.

When it comes to choosing your broadband package it really comes down to your specific needs.  The ADSL is a little outdated at this point in time for someone who is gaming regularly, the speeds will be on the slower side and those download times will be longer when compared to the Fibre offerings.   Here at, and as avid gamers, we'd definitely recommend the fibre options - ideally with a speed of around 100 Mb/s. 

EE's Home broadband offerings will offer solid low latency across all its packages, but if you’re someone who downloads a lot of games digitally, the faster the better.  Also if you’re in a busy household with other gamers or people who stream regularly whilst you game, you probably don’t want to go below the Full Fibre Max 100 package. Ultimately you need to choose the offering which works for your budget but with broadband faster is always going to be better.

Package Info

Fibre Broadband

36 MegaBytes Per Second
24 Month Contract

£29.00 EE Mobile Customers
£32.00 New Customers

Fibre Plus

74 MegaBytes per Second
24 Month Contract

£32.00 EE Mobile Customers
£36.00 New Customers

Full Fibre Max 100

100 MegaBytes per Second
24 Month Contract

£28.00 EE Mobile Customers
£31.00 New Customers

Full Fibre Max 500

500 MegaBytes per Second
24 Month Contract

£43.00 EE Mobile Customers
£48.00 New Customers

Full Fibre Max Gigabit

900 MegaBytes per Second
24 Month Contract

£52.00 EE Mobile Customers
£58.00 New Customers

EE Home Broadband Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get EE Broadband in my area?

EE broadband is partnered with BT which ensures their services are available in a lot of areas, however, the Full Fibre Max 500 and Full Fibre Max Gigabit super fast options are slightly less widely available. In order to check which EE Broadband options are available to you use the EE broadband postcode checker. If you're in an area where 4G, 5G cellular is plentiful you could take advantage of EE's 4G or 5G routers instead.

Does EE Broadband offer unlimited data allowance?

All fibre broadband packages offered by EE Broadband offer unlimited data allowance.  Ideal for a busy household who enjoys gaming regularly or streaming those 4K blockbuster movies.

EE Mobile Broadband offers unlimited 4G and 5G packages, but the cost for these packages is at a premium.  There are cheaper packages available but they are capped on data allowance

Which EE Broadband package is right for me?

If budget is not an issue then simply get the fastest speed that is available in your area. Being able to download huge games like Red Dead Redemption 2 in a matter of minutes with the Gigabit line is exceptional, latency will also be incredibly low with these packages. However, if you're looking to save a bit of money the Full Fibre Max 100 package is solid for the price and will be more than enough for most gamers, also giving enough bandwidth to comfortably stream 4K video.

Does EE Broadband offer 12-month contracts?

EE Home Broadband currently offers 24-month contracts.

Do I need to pay for set-up with EE Home Broadband and how long does set-up take?

EE are currently not charging for any of their broadband packages. Set-up is relatively straightforward with Fibre broadband and Fibre Max packages simply requiring you to do the set-up yourself after the EE router arrives.

Fibre Max and Full Fibre plans are most likely going to require an Openreach engineer to visit your property before you will be able to use your internet. How long this takes can vary and can take a few weeks so keep this in mind if you're interested in those faster speeds. 

Do i need to pay for line rental separately for EE Broadband?

With EE Home Fibre Broadband, you don't pay for a landline if you don't want one.  Thankfully, EE have a selection of call packages available should you require a landline for telephone usage.

We've summarised our thoughts below in a quick pros and cons...

EE Home Broadband Pros

  • Great range of packages/speeds available from ADSL to 900 Mb/s full fibre
  • Competitively priced
  • Solid UK coverage thanks to a partnership with BT
  • Fibre options available that don't require a phoneline (via 4G and 5G cellular networks)
  • Great perks for existing EE Mobile Customers with discounted packages and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with faster connections
  • Set-up is currently free across all fibre packages
  • No need to pay for landline costs if not needed!

EE Home Broadband Cons

  • There are slightly cheaper options available for broadband
  • 4G and 5G cellular packages are not all unlimited data allowance
  • Some other broadband do offer higher max speeds than the 900Mb/s available from EE Home Broadband


Be sure to check the EE website for the latest deals and offers available.

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