BT Broadband for Gaming

BT Broadband for Gaming

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Deciding who provides our broadband as gamers is an important decision, nobody wants to be cutting out in the middle of an online game and losing their rank. Speedy and reliable internet connections are more important than ever in gaming as we move to an increasingly digital world. In this article we will be looking at one of the pillars of broadband BT, exploring their packages and options to see if they're a good fit for providing your gaming broadband.

If you're interested in other broadband providers we have an article covering the best broadband for online gaming.

Why should you choose BT Broadband?

BT broadband is one of the most popular broadband providers, which is for good reason. Their reliability and coverage are second to none with 6 solid packages on offer to suit varying download speeds requirements. With its fastest package clocking in at download speeds of 900Mb/ps which isn't the fastest available in 2023 it's still certainly more than enough being up to 25x faster than standard fibre. On top of this, if you're someone who likes to game on your mobile or switch devices whilst you're out and about, you gain access to over 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots when you sign up to BT Broadband. If you're in a multiple-device household BT also have some solid tech when it comes to boosting Wi-Fi signal around the house. Their BT Wi-Fi disc should help boost Wi-Fi across the entire house so you can have your gaming room wherever you'd like, £100 money-back guarantee if the disc doesn't provide reliable Wi-Fi across your home.

BT also often offer great bundle deals with their TV services and also 6-12 month subscriptions of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with their full fibre 500 and 900 broadband packages. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate pairs up perfectly with these fast internet speeds as you can download the latest and greatest from Xbox in no time at all.

BT Broadband Deals

BT Broadband only offer fibre deals now, which means that even the lowest tier is going to get you a relatively reliable connection with solid speeds. BT often have solid discounts on their BT Broadband packages and they are constantly updating and changing their prices to entice new customers. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can see the latest and best deals BT broadband has on offer. The first thing you're going to want to do is to use the BT broadband postcode checker and see if you're eligible for all BT broadband has to offer, their fastest speeds are more readily available than ever across the UK.

When it comes to choosing your package you're going to have to weigh up the price and benefit. Honestly when it comes to gaming the faster the better. While you may get by on the slower speeds downloading the enormous triple-A titles is going to be a slog on the slower packages but you will still have a decent time in terms of reliability when just playing games online. If you're in a household with multiple people who game and stream video you're going to want to go for faster speeds as well. The quality of life that comes with those fast fibre connections is very hard to pass up and once you've used it you won't want to go back. However, they are pricey so the more reasonable mid-tier options like the Full Fibre 100 are a great entry point that often has solid discounts and is more than fast enough for the average gamer.

Package Info

Fibre Essential Broadband

36 Mb Per Second
24 Month Contract

£11.99 Upfront

Fibre 1

50 Mb per Second
24 Month Contract

£31.99 Upfront

Fibre 2

74 Mb per Second
24 Month Contract

£20 Upfront

Full Fibre Max 500

150 Mb per Second
24 Month Contract

£31.99 Upfront

Full Fibre Max Gigabit

500 Mb per Second
24 Month Contract

£31.99 Upfront

Full Fibre Max Gigabit

900 Mb per Second
24 Month Contract

£31.99 Upfront

What the BT Broadband Bundles

BT offer a selection of add-on options when you're choosing your broadband package which can save you some decent money if you're looking to bundle your broadband with TV services etc. You're able to customise any of the packages to suit you and you can add a few things or if nothing interests you then just go with broadband. 

BT offer the Complete Wi-Fi package which includes the disc previously mentioned to help create a seamless network across your home for £10 a month. They also offer a couple of different TV and Sports packages at varying price points depending on what kind of viewer you are. You can check all these different options out as you customise your package, you can take just sport, or entertainment or double up to have BT handle pretty much all your TV needs.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate can also be bundled with your BT Broadband contract and is a fantastic addition for any gamer who primarily plays on either PC or Xbox.

BT Broadband Pros

  • A range of packages to suit most needs
  • Reliable fast speeds and truly unlimited
  • Widely available
  • Great offering of TV and sports packages with nice discounts
  • No set-up costs
  • Access to their 5 million free Wi-Fi spots
  • Free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with their 2 fastest packages

BT Broadband Cons

  • Not the fastest speeds available
  • On the expensive side
  • No ADSL packages (although these aren't really fast enough for gaming)
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