Refurbished Xbox One Console Deals

Refurbished Xbox One Console Deals

Compare over 39 Refurbished Xbox One deals from 5 gaming retailers, with prices starting from just £99.99 to £249.00. Our easy filtering system allows you to find the perfect Refurbished Xbox One bundle with the Xbox games you prefer. Buy your Refurbished Xbox One console today.

Compare 39 Prices £99.99 to £249.00

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Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 2TB Limited Edition Console (Refurbished / Pre-owned)
Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black
Refurbished - Pristine

Xbox One X 1TB Gears 5 2TB Limited Edition Console bundled with

  • Xbox One Wireless Controller: Black

In Stock

Everything you need to know before you buy a second hand Xbox One console

The Xbox One has situated itself as the most affordable console on the market in which players can experience Triple-A gaming. Despite this low cost to entry, however, picking up a refurbished Xbox One is still the cheapest way for people to play games like Halo, Gears of War and Forza Horizon. We at GamingDeals save you time scouring for the best price by pulling in price comparisons across a range of UK retailers. This includes all three respective models released since the Xbox One launched in 2013: the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S and the Xbox One X.

Save money buying a second hand refurbished Xbox One console

As already mentioned, compared to its main console rival the PS4, an Xbox One is a low-cost entry point for anyone wanting to enjoy the blockbuster releases and digital indie darlings that release every year. This, coupled with an Xbox Games with Gold subscription, assures players can receive up to four free games per month – all of which stay yours whether you stay a member or not. The design of the Xbox One unit itself is also very modern, assuring that it slots into your media centre neatly and never looks out of place.

Get the most from a second hand Xbox One with a Game Pass subscription

With the Xbox One, Microsoft has shown time and time again that it has players’ best interests at its heart. Xbox Game Pass is the perfect example of this, being a streaming service subscription that sits separately from Games with Gold to provide access to over 100 games all for a low monthly fee. No other gaming platform currently offers this at such a scale. Game Pass is applicable to every version of the Xbox One regardless of whether it was purchased new or has been refurbished, allowing players to jump into first-party exclusives and select others much easier on day one.

Play top rated games on a second hand Xbox One

The Xbox 360 was the best-selling console of the previous generation. With that in mind, only by picking up a pre-owned Xbox One can players continue the journeys that originally started there and keep up with the adventures of Master Chief, Marcus Fenix and whatever your favourite car from Forza happens to be. While the Series X and Series S consoles are now carrying the torch, the Xbox One is still the cheapest way to experience these titles. The console still looks good when played in standard 1080p definition, but is really incredible when played on a 4K-ready Xbox One X.

All second hand, refurbished & pre owned Xbox One consoles come with one controller as standard

A controller plays an important role in any console gamer’s life, but whereas most platforms place emphasis on the one you get out of the box and leave it be, the Xbox One is backed by an entire catalogue of gamepad options. You’ll get a standard Xbox One Wireless Controller with a refurbished Xbox One, of course. However, those looking for a more personable play experience can take advantage of the Xbox Lab, whereby you can select your specific colour, layout, then have it sent right to your door. After purchasing your refurbished Xbox One all these unique controller options open up to you.

The second hand Xbox One refurbishment process explained

A refurbished Xbox One can be a whole number of things, but it’s generally come to be considered as meaning that the console in question is slightly better than second-hand. Whenever an Xbox One is traded in to a respective retailer it will undergo a bespoke process of refurbishment, with most checking areas like the power supply input and HDMI port for signs of water damage, restoring it to its factory settings and giving each a deep clean to the best of their ability.

Where can I buy a cheap second hand refurbished Xbox One?

Picking up a used Xbox One doesn’t have to be hard, especially when using the GamingDeals comparison listings. We compare the prices of refurbished Xbox Ones from a range of popular online and high-street retailers, doing all the hard work so that you don’t have to. Wherever you choose to pick your Refurbished Xbox One, though, be sure to take not of what grade it is listed as. This is what indicates the condition of the Xbox One console you’re buying, ranging from “Fair”, “Good”, “Very Good”, all the way up to “Manufacturer Refurbished”.

Refurbished Xbox One consoles from GAME

Game is a more than worthy choice for anybody looking to pick up a refurbished Xbox One. The retailer will always have plenty in stock and offer a 12-month warranty on every second-hand or pre-owned console that it sells. If purchasing one online, you will need to be aware that some refurbished Xbox One consoles are sold via third-party sellers as well as Game directly, but it will always come with one controller, the insured console and all the necessary cables.

Refurbished Xbox One consoles from Amazon

Amazon is unique in that every refurbished console it sells is done under the “Amazon Renewed” banner. In reality this is where any pre-owned product is sold but makes it particularly easier to nail down the range of refurbished Xbox One units presently available. We at GamingDeals pull in the best priced Xboxes from Amazon Renewed, all of which come complete with the appropriate components. You need to be careful whether it's Amazon itself or an Amazon-approved third-party seller, but both will offer a 12-month guarantee.

Refurbished Xbox One consoles at eBay

Most people will know eBay due to its reputation as the biggest online auction site, but the storefront has in recent years also welcomed various popular high-street retailers. This means that when thinking about picking up a refurbished Xbox One, you don’t need to worry about being ripped off by an untrustworthy seller and can instead opt for a unit from Asda, Tesco and Argos. GamingDeals then enters the fold to compare prices across eBay retailers so you can find the best price.

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